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20 Ideas for Gorgeous Wedding Centerpieces

Gorgeous wedding centerpieces can make a big impression, and are one of the most popular topics whenever a conversation turns to recently attended nuptials. This is a decorating DIYer’s Super Bowl, Olympics, and final rose ceremony all rolled into one. There are so many great centerpiece ideas out there and seemingly, no end to people’s creativity and talent. Whether you have the talent and imagination (or know someone who does) to create a masterpiece from scratch or you’re looking for a complete pre-made package, In Casa Gifts is your Canadian wedding supply resource with everything you need to create an awesome wedding centerpiece. Here are our top 20 centerpiece ideas (grouped by category).

Birdcage Wedding CenterpieceUnique and Ready-Made Wedding Centerpieces

  1. “Pretty Petals” Porcelain Miniature Flower Vases – These beautiful porcelain mini flower vases are adorable and ready to use right away. Just add flowers and voila.
  2. Heart Shaped Glass Memorial Vase With “Loving Hands” Base – This elegant piece is a beautiful blend of two great iconic images
  3. Unity Sand Ceremony Miniature Nesting Vases, Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set, and Sand Ceremony Vase Sets – Sand ceremony vases are a staple of beach and destination weddings and make for a beautiful and memorable decoration for years to come.
  4. Vintage Inspired Pressed Glass Flutes, Goblets, Vases and Stationary Holders – These wonderful pressed glass pieces are available in both clear and smokey .
  5. Beautiful Butterfly Decorative Set – This decorative set is perfect for any Spring, Summer, and early Fall theme.
  6. Classic Round Decorative Birdcage, Small Metal Birdcage with Suspended Tealight Holder, Miniature Classic Round Decorative Birdcages, and Modern Decorative Birdcage with Birds in Flight – These birdcage decorations add great nature imagery to your theme and require very little effort to set up. These decorations can be spruced up with a little DIY know-how and some elbow grease.
  7. Porcelain Book Vase Set – This charming set only needs some fresh cut seasonal flowers to complete the look.
  8. Vintage Creamer Assortment Favor Vase Set – This vintage set provides a beautiful, rustic look and old-fashioned feel to any table décor.

Blown Glass Teardrop Unique Wedding CenterpieceDIY Supplies and Ideas

  1. Blown Glass Tear-Drop Vases, Classic Glass Vases, Square Glass Vases, Small Glass Heart-Shaped Vases, Bud Vase Cling, Mini Vase with Place Card Holders, and Single Flower Tube Vase – While a case can be made that these glass vases are ready to go with their simple, yet elegant style, they are usually dressed up for the occasion with ribbons and filled with a variety of decorative options like sand, river stones, candles or coloured water for added interest.
  1. Mini Decorator Favor Vases (Various colours), Mini Faux Knit Porcelain Vases, and Miniature Porcelain Luggage Vases – Like their glass counterparts, these opaque novelty vases are, more often than not, dressed up with a variety of beads, faux jewels, decorative tags, and the like, while displaying some seasonal flowers, grasses, plants, or branches.
  1. Rustic Wire Flower Basket with Fabric Liner – These baskets are great for holding larger flower arrangements and can be dolled up with some ribbons, bows, and garland with fantastic results.
  1. Frog Prince Charming Key Rings 
  1. Antique Key Charms (clover, heart-shaped, intertwined rings, double hearts), Boat Anchor Charm, Boat Wheel Charm, Clock Charms, Compass Charms, and Wine Barrel Charms – These charms are great stand-alone favors with ribbons attached. Or match them with other favors sharing similar themes to create some truly unique centerpieces.
  1. Faux jewels (roll), Stationary Jewels and Crystals, Premium Adhesive Jewels, and Heart Jewel in Diamond – Add some bling to your centerpieces with these sparkling beauties. They are elegant, eye-catching and add a level of sophistication to any wedding event.

Personalized Wedding Centerpieces Custom and Personalized Wedding Centerpieces

  1. Antique Finish Wooden Sign – This antique wooden sign is perfect for any rustic, vintage or outdoorsy theme. This is one classy centerpiece.
  1. Personalized Wood Veneer Sign – Birdcage – Personalized signs will make your event extra special and your guest will appreciate the effort. These wood veneer signs are very stylish and are perfect for that rustic, yet sophisticated look.

Pretty Centerpiece Packages and Decorative Container Ideas

  1. Art Deco Cylinder Boxes With Clear Lid
  2. Decorative Glass Box with Mirror Base
  3. Vintage-Inspired Ornate Box with Decorative Pull
  4. Decorative Vintage Boxes with Ornamental PullsWedding Centerpiece Containers

These decorative boxes make for beautiful centerpieces and can be filled with a variety of favors.

Wedding Centerpieces Take Center Stage

Whether you purchase a ready-made centerpiece or roll up your sleeves to create your own DIY masterpiece, it will be admired and appreciated by your guests and be a topic of conversation and great memories for a long time.

Shop all our wedding centerpiece ideas for a spectacular reception table setting. Whether you’re wedding or event is indoors or outdoors there are so many styles and options to choose from. Find more wedding decorating ideas for your reception – especially with summer wedding season upon us! Use our search box to find so much more for all your wedding supply needs!


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