10 Truly Unique Toronto Wedding Venues

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10 Truly Unique Toronto Wedding Venues
Your wedding mirrors your style. Your venue is part of your wedding - literally, the biggest part - and it should showcase your personality, too! If you have a theme in mind for your wedding, choose a venue that shows it off. These 10 unique Toronto wedding venues won’t be right for everyone, but quirky couples looking for something a little different might find the perfect location for their day. Look to plan your wedding well in advance!

1. The Arts and Letters Club

The Arts and Letters Club is a beautiful indoor venue with lovely Tudor-style architecture in its Great Hall. The Hall also features a working fireplace, cathedral ceilings, and gothic stained glass windows. For historically-themed weddings, the Arts and Letters Club will make your guests feel as though they’ve been sent back in time. Culture mavens will enjoy the history of the Club, as well as the many works of art decorating the walls. As the venue is indoors-only, you may need to make other arrangements for wedding photos, but the website has some suggestions for nearby locations. The Club is located in downtown Toronto near the University of Toronto, various squares and parks. Rentals start at $1500, with a number of a la carte fees for catering, serving, audio/video (A/V) and bartending.

2. The Fermenting Cellar

The Fermenting Centre Toronto Canada Wedding VenuesThe Fermenting Cellar describes itself as “industrial chic”, but that hardly does this beautiful downtown Toronto venue justice. A large, open space and limestone walls are blank canvases that allow you to splash your design concept all over the room. Uplighting shows up amazingly well on the light grey walls, and the stage showcases your ceremony or your reception band. For couples who want a 20’s, speakeasy, or nightclub-themed wedding, take a look at The Fermenting Cellar. This venue isn’t the cheapest (the lowest minimum cost is $8000, and their A/V packages start above $2000), but at 7500 square feet, it seats 200 guests for a plated dinner.

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3. The Berkeley Bicycle Club

The Berkeley Field House is a perennial favorite, and it’s obvious why. The grounds are beautiful, and the idiosyncratic details in the treehouse and bridal suites lend themselves to charming photo ops and fun moments with your wedding party. (The merry-go-round lion in the bridal suite is particularly cool.) If you’re looking for something with the same vibe that hasn’t been on the Pinterest board of every bride in the GTA, try the Berkeley Bicycle Club. A more intimate venue than the others in the Berkeley group, this revitalized historical home has a youthful, artsy feel. There’s a full bar in the conservatory and patio space outside. Berkeley Field House and Bicycle Club both use in-house caterers. 4. Enoch Turner Schoolhouse This 1848 Victorian school is now a lovely, brick-walled museum renting itself out for ceremonies. Enoch Turner Schoolhouse has both a classroom and a hall for your ceremony and reception. The schoolroom has a chalkboard, a podium for speeches, and the original wooden seats, while the hall has dramatic wooden beams spreading like spiderwebs overhead - the perfect space for a Halloween themed wedding. It’s a great option for teachers, Victoriana fans, or anyone looking for a striking venue on a budget (no corkage fees!).

5. Artscape Gibraltar Point

For all the island lovers out there, Artscape Gibraltar Point is a dreamy getaway accessible by chartered boat. The ferry, which features a bar, is an exciting transition from regular life to your “ferry”tale day. The venue itself is an active artists’ colony on the beach. A lighthouse overlooking the grounds adds a charming touch. There are several spaces for you and your guests to explore, including lawns where you can barbecue or play games. If Moonrise Kingdom is your favorite movie, or if you really loved summer camp, Artscape Gibraltar Point is the ideal place for a whimsical island wedding.

6. Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario, besides being an obvious draw for artists and creative types, has stunning architectural features like the centerpiece staircase designed by Frank Gehry. With over 80,000 pieces in the permanent collection and a movie theater available to rent, your guests won’t be bored for a moment! This venue is a great option for those who have a large number of guests and a generous budget. Baillie Court, the biggest room, seats 400 and the minimum costs are $20,000 - $30,000. Several smaller rooms are available at lower costs as well. As you enjoy the views of the skyline and your meal prepared by the Art Gallery’s in-house chef, you won’t regret a penny of it.

7. The Toronto Botanical Gardens

The Toronto Botanical Gardens are a green option for couples concerned with environmental issues and those who want to save on floral arrangements. The gardens allow your guests to stay in one location as you enjoy your ceremony, photos, and reception all in one space. The LEED-certified, modern building is extremely attractive in and of itself, but note that you won’t be permitted to alter the walls in any way with your décor (not even with tape). If you want to get married with a giant array of beautiful botanicals around you, but don’t want to break the bank, this might be the space for your celebration.

8. Fantasy Farm

Fantasy Farm is the winter wonderland venue you’ve been looking for. If you’ve always pictured yourself getting married outside while snow falls gently all around you and your true love, Fantasy Farm is the way to go. A Christmas wedding would be fun here, as the large sleigh on the grounds could be incorporated into your celebration. They also have indoor halls so you and your guests can warm up inside for the reception. They’re currently running a promotion for 30% off from January to March, so you could have a Valentine’s Day or winter-themed wedding at a steep discount.

9. Bram and Bluma Appel Salon

Bookworms, take notice—the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon in the Toronto Public Library’s Reference Library is a surprisingly modern venue at the top of a cozy researchers’ haven. With writing-themed names like Novella and Prologue, the rooms are attractive and very affordable (starting at $750 for the smallest, which seats 90). Additionally, your ceremony can take place in the main floor atrium or Epic Hall, and private terraces add extra space during the reception. Writers and readers alike can enjoy a space that fits their theme without losing the up-to-date appeal of sleek lines and minimal décor.

10. The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is the perfect venue for the kid at heart. The casual surroundings and fascinating animals are a great fit if you want more focus on fun and less on tradition. If your friends know who to call when a bar trivia question about animals comes up, or you just really want to pet a two-toed sloth, this is the spot for you. The private animal encounters package has limitations (the critters might not be in the mood to party when you are), but it is a wonderful addition to this one-of-a-kind location.

Your Wedding Venue is a Refletion Of You!

Toronto is loaded with event spaces that most people wouldn’t consider to be “traditional” wedding venues. Your wedding is your chance to show off the interests you and your partner have developed separately and together. You’ve seen your friends married in bland ballrooms a hundred times before; pick a creative venue and your guests will remember your unique wedding for years to come!
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