16 Popular Trends for Bridal Shower Party Season

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16 Popular Trends for Bridal Shower Party Season
Bridal shower party season is upon us and selecting the right theme can be the most important decision you make during the planning process. Your choice of bridal shower favors, décor, and even food are centred around this choice. Thankfully, there are many options available and unlimited party supplies to suit almost every taste and budget. Here's a breakdown of some of the most popular themes in Canada (and the U.S.), recommended favors, fab décor tips, and some DIY supplies to make that bridal shower memorable.

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Party

This is the perfect theme for beach bums who can't get enough sand and surf. There are many favor options available, from cute mini Adirondack Chair photo frames and beach-inspired coasters, to personalized sunscreen-bottle keychain and palm tree favor boxes. Complete your beach-themed décor with some personalized banners, seashells, and vintage fishing nets for the full effect. Fill some glass jars with coloured sand and a tea candle to make a great DIY table centrepiece. Add a beach-themed photo backdrop for some fun and creative memories.

Boho Bridal Shower Décor

A perfect theme for that free spirited bride-to-be. Favors can include feather whimsy personalized tote bags, dream catcher bud vases or Boho glass coasters. Free spirit table signage will add flavor and color to this Bohemian utopia.

Chalk Accents Theme Party

This isn't just for bride-to-be school teachers! This black and white classic colour combo is a lot of fun and makes it so easy to personalize favors, like glass jar sets and heart shaped favor holders. Just grab some chalk and let your creativity flow.

Eat Drink & Be Married

A fun twist on a classic saying, this theme has fun written all over it. Favors can include personalized silver bottle openers, clover honey, cold-can insulated covers and almost anything else that's related to food and drink! Consider a restaurant-style décor (think “fancy”, NOT “would you like fries with that?”) to set the stage for this food and beverage theme.

Garden Wedding Bridal Shower Themes

This earthy theme features the simple beauty of the outdoors in an elegant, flowery setting. Some popular favors include personalized family oak tree candles, miniature metal watering cans, and mini jams. Floral is the natural choice when it comes to décor but don't be afraid to mix it up a bit and incorporate some fun DIY garden-themed decorations in here too.

Global Inspiration Bridal Shower Party

This theme is perfect for the well-travelled and culturally diverse. Whether you're focusing on one particular culture or incorporating several, there are many options for shower favors such as themed coasters, bottle openers, and personalized handheld fans. Your décor choices should match your theme's focus on either a specific culture or a little of everything. The key is to be consistent throughout these decisions to promote a uniform and pleasing appearance. Exotic, tasty treats are always a hit and also work well here.

Glitz & Glam

Do you want that Hollywood pizzazz but you don't have a vault full of gold bars and diamonds? No problem. This elegant theme features a lot of gold glitter and sparkling crystals for that red-carpet treatment without breaking (or robbing) the bank! Popular favors include gold bottle openers, gold picture frames, and ornate candy tins.

Indian Jewel Bridal Shower Supplies

This ethnic theme tastefully features some beautiful colours and imagery from the Middle East. Favors include gold picture frames, personalized bottle openers, and gold, round candy tins. Your décor may include some gold and silver foil paper straw, beautiful silks and traditional items to complete the final look.

Nautical Bridal Shower

All aboard! This theme sets sail with some fun bridal shower favors like personalized frosted glasses and nautical-themed round candy tins. Personalized water bottle labels are another fun favor which works so well with this look. Similar to the décor ideas from the “Beach Bridal Shower”, seashells and vintage fishing nets make this theme a real catch.

Pineapples & Palms Bridal Shower Themes

Aloha! Take your guests on an imaginary journey to the tropical islands of Hawaii with this tropical-inspired event. Gold pineapple place card holders, palm canvas tote bags, and pineapple favor boxes are just a few of the popular favors available to compliment this theme. Consider a personalized “Pineapples & Palms” photo backdrop to round out your Hawaiian décor.

Rustic & Vintage Bridal

Add some old-world flair and sophistication with a rustic and vintage theme. This theme can be as informal as you like while still having that old-fashioned charm. Invitations and reply cards can be made with embossed card stock with antique gold lettering for that vintage effect. Antique key charms and key-shaped bottle openers, elegant candles, and vintage picture frames all make excellent favors that fit well together. Décor can include antique candle holders, formal cake toppers, rustic and vintage table sign holders and decorative goblets.

Something Blue Bridal Shower Décor

I think the title says it all. Colour themes are a popular choice but none, more so than blue! Add some silver to the mix for a great contrasting and complimentary colour. A popular and eye-catching favor is the “Something Blue” shimmering purse valet, as well as the attractive “Something Blue” muslin favor bags. Banners and backdrops are available to complete this traditional look.

Sweet Heart Shower

This classic image makes for a great, yet simple theme that suits almost every taste. Classic red and white colour choices look great on their own, or, add some gold to kick it up a notch. A personalized gold heart tote bag, and monogrammed miniature gold chair favor boxes are popular favors with this theme.

Tea Parties are Popular this Bridal Shower Party Season

You don't have to be British (or from Boston) to enjoy a good tea party and this theme delivers on that promise. Popular favors include personalized jams and clover honey, antiqued bird bottle openers and Victorian photo frames. A wide selection of specialty teas is a must!

The Hunt is Over

A fun, tongue-in-cheek theme that's really all about having a good time in a relaxed, informal environment. Bottle openers and picture frames make great shower favors with this theme. A hunting inspired décor is fun and casual, and works well with many DIY decorating ideas. Elmer Fudd never had it this good!

Travel & Adventure

A perfect theme for that travel bug, this theme has a more international flavor than most. Popular favors include Around the World Map favor boxes, luggage tags, and cork coasters just to name a few. Let your decorating juices flow as there are endless directions you can go with this one. A mix of international dishes would compliment this type of shower beautifully.

Cheers Your Bridal Shower Party!

Several of these themes work well together and feature some great crossover ideas that can be customized to reflect the bride's (and sometimes groom's) personalities. Get creative, have fun, and have a wonderful bridal shower. Browse In Casa Gifts entire collection of wedding favors and party favors especially for bridal showers today - plus all the bridal shower party supplies you'll ever need! Our Free Shipping offer applies to Bridal Shower Favors and Decor in Canada and the USA!

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