2018’s Coolest Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

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2018’s Coolest Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts
With any luck, your wedding planning is coming along nicely. Take a break from some of the more tedious tasks (like keeping an eye on your budget), and do something fun today: choose your wedding party gifts and have fun planning when to give them out. But don’t choose something old-fashioned and boring. Instead, get them a gift that has some novelty to it — it’ll be much more fun for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to receive.

Think beer for groomsmen gifts

Personalized Beer Glass Groomsmen GiftsMost guys enjoy a good brew, so run with this and go with some useful — and totally awesome — brew-related gifts. Any man will love a fun beer-can-shaped glass. And you can increase the fab factor by personalizing it, too. Keep it simple with something cool, but practical, like simply putting their name on it (ex. “Chris’s beer”). Or, be a bit cheeky and label them with something like “Mr. Nice” or “Mr. Naughty”. If you’d prefer to keep it simple and use the exact same imprint on each glass, you could choose a fun saying like “Cheers, drink, repeat”. If you’re looking for something with an upscale look, a copper beer stein looks amazing, and can even be monogrammed for a more personal touch. Wall-mounted beer bottle openers are fun — and you certainly can’t argue with their usefulness.  

The classic pocket watch for men’s wedding party gifts

Groomsmen Gifts Canada - Pocket WatchOne of the most novel groomsman gifts we’ve seen is this gunmetal mechanical pocket watch. It’s got that old-school charm with the gears showing and Roman numerals, and will be a gift that’s treasured for years. And you never know… this might just be the thing that causes them to give up wristwatches forever. Many fans of the pocket watch say they last longer, and are great for not drawing unwanted attention since you’re not having your valuable timepiece on public display as you do with a modern wristwatch. Aside from all that, pocket watches are so uncommon that they’ve become a really cool novelty item to have in your possession.    

Wine is where it’s at for bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Gifts Wine GlassesFor the special women in your life you’ve chosen as bridesmaids, think of some fun, yet useful accessories to go with their favourite wine. “Love the wine you’re with” is a fun quote on this tote bag that they’ll be able to use again and again whenever they’re tasked with bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party. And if you have the budget for it, consider including a bottle of their favourite wine with the tote. You can take it up another notch by putting a personalized label on the bottle in a tone that complements your wedding day theme colours, with a custom image that suits your bridesmaid’s personality, and text to match. Although there are minimum order sizes, these are so inexpensive that having a few extra in your order isn’t going to ruin your budget at all. If anything, having extras could come in handy if you lose some before you have a chance to slap them on the bottles. Another really fun novelty wine-related gift is a personalized, engraved wine glass. You can put almost any text you can think of on it, along with a complimentary image to jazz it up.

Chic compact mirrors for your bridesmaids gifts

Compact Mirror Favors and GiftsEvery woman knows that compact mirrors come in handy, and they’re made even better when they have sentimental value because of their connection to a special event (like your wedding)! But, you can make it even better still when you personalize the compact. Choose a custom colour for each bridesmaid, get their initials monogrammed on it, and include a heartfelt message on the back that you thought up especially for them. It’s pretty much a guarantee that your thoughtful gift will give them years of use and fond memories of their important role on your wedding day.  

Wedding Party Gifts need to be uniquely practical - and fun!

Don’t bore your wedding party with gifts that are so dull they’ll forget about them by next week. Instead, thank them properly for their help with your special day by giving them something novel and fun that they’ll enjoy using again and again for years. Your careful thought and hard-earned money spent on this token of appreciation will be noticed and remembered forever. Bricks and mortars shops are often lacking in options, so browsing online will be a more efficient use of your time and yield better deals. Start your shopping sooner, rather than later, for best selection and pricing. Plus, this head start will give you plenty of time to browse through all the options and ensure you’ve chosen a gift that’s best suited to your wedding party members’ personalities and your all-important wedding day budget.

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