2021 Wedding Favours - All About Gourmet Themes

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2021 Wedding Favours - All About Gourmet Themes

When it comes time to pick out the best wedding favours for your 2021 wedding there are so many options to choose from! Though you’ll want to make a plan for how to stick within your budget, there will be no shortage of great wedding favours for your guests.

Some of the best 2021 wedding favours are ones that have a gourmet or foodie theme, and for good reason! Gourmet wedding favours are more likely to get used by your guests rather than sitting on their kitchen counter or getting tossed in the junk drawer.

Great Foodie Wedding Favours

The beauty of wedding favours is that you can be as creative as you want. Here are a few top ideas for gourmet wedding favours for your event this year.

All About EVOO & Balsamic
Few things are more useful in a foodie’s kitchen than oils, vinegars and seasoning blends. Infused olive oil, favoured sea salt and custom blends of favourite spices and seasonings are a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding.
Find this gorgeous Heart Dipping Bowl & more EVOO & Balsamic Inspired Favours here!
DIY treat kits
Treats like s’mores, hot chocolate, cookies and mini gingerbread houses are all things that can be assembled in a build-it-yourself treat bag for guests to take home. Depending on the theme of your wedding you can choose a treat that fits perfectly for your guests. If hosting a bonfire as part of your reception, a s’mores or flavoured hot chocolate kit might be the perfect 2021 wedding favour.
Specialty tea or coffee
Whether you bonded over your love of coffee or are fans of a nice cup of tea in the evening, choosing a special blend for your guests is a great way to keep the memories of your special day still going.
Local sweetness
Partner with a local beekeeper to offer your guests a small jar of honey to take home with them as a wedding favour. You can design a personalized label to thank them for attending your wedding day and include a mini honey dipper or serving bowl to go with it.
A ready-made snack
Put together a mini charcuterie board, cheese platter or nut tray so that your guests have something to nibble on later in the evening. The cheese board or tray you use can double as a gift for them to take home.
Get canning
Pickles, jam, salsa, chutney and even hot sauce make for an excellent gourmet wedding favour for your guests. Use an old family recipe to add a personal touch to your gift and choose a label that doubles as a thank you note to make it truly personalized.
Think seasonal
Fall weddings are the perfect time to gift guests a mini apple pie or a mini decorative gourd while homemade jam or local honey is great in the spring. Consider some locally made peppermint bark or a hot chocolate kit at a winter wedding for a nice and tasty wedding favour.
A mini cocktail kit
Get the party started off on the right foot with mini cocktail kit for each guest. Pair the kit with a personalized shot glass or highball glass for a keepsake they can take home with them.
Make it custom
Just because you both love food doesn’t mean you can’t give something non-edible as a wedding favour! Tea towels, coffee mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, beer steins and cheese boards can all be customized and paired with a delicious edible favour to give your guests something to both enjoy now and keep as a memory.
Spill your family secrets
Does your family have a recipe that everyone loves? Whip up a batch of your grandma’s famous cookies or your uncle’s best chili mix and print the recipe to include with your gourmet wedding favour.


Gourmet wedding favours are in for 2021

This year, as you plan your wedding and face some of the uncertainty that lingers from the Covid pandemic, choosing some foodie favourites as wedding favours is the perfect way to blend personalization with usefulness.

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