3 Keys to a Beautiful Wedding in Vancouver

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3 Keys to a Beautiful Wedding in Vancouver
Part of the fun of getting married is being surrounded by beauty everywhere you look. Here are some tips to make sure that your wedding in Vancouver is remembered for years as a true feast for the eyes.

Key #1 to a Beautiful Wedding in Vancouver is the Venue

Vancouver Club Wedding Vancouver BCNo matter what your budget, there's no excuse not to enjoy a beautiful venue. Some, such as the Vancouver Club, need little in the way of decorations because they are already absolutely gorgeous. But of course, don't let that stop you from adding your own personal touches to make the space uniquely yours. If your budget is modest, remember that even the most simple of reception spaces can be turned into an eye-catching thing of beauty with the right decorations. Gorgeous park venues are throughout the city, including famed Stanley Park, of course. You'll find countless spots in this Canadian national park gem found right here in British Columbia.

Key #2 is to Choose the Right Dress

Vancouver Wedding Dress Bridal ShopAs the bride, you'll be the center of attention - the sight of you in your gown will have a huge impact on everyone who is lucky enough to lay eyes on you! Especially your husband-to-be! Choosing a wedding dress is one job that has to be done in person. Drive around to several shops and don't be afraid to try on a lot of different dresses. And if you get tired, grab a coffee and take a break with nature in Stanley Park to recharge for another round of dress fittings. Once you've settled on a dress, it's time to shop for accessories. The good news here is that many of your accessories - everything from your purse to your garter - can be purchased online to give you a break from driving all over the city to look for them. There's a long list of bridal dress boutiques in Vancouver. For brides that want it all, visit world class boutiques right in Vancouver like Bisou Bridal or  http://www.bisoubridal.com/. Others offering highly rated service include  Clara Couture Bridal and Angeline Bridal Boutique.


Key #3 to a Gorgeous Wedding in Vancouver is to Choose the Right Accessories and Decor

Stylish Embrace Cake Topper Wedding SuppliesOne of the most fun parts of planning your wedding is choosing all of the details that are the icing on the proverbial cake. Consider getting fresh flowers that are grown right here in British Columbia's Fraser Valley. Consider whether or not you'll be wearing a tiara, and if you'll want a veil for it too. Start asking around to find a good hair stylist, and book your wedding day hair appointment far in advance - the best stylists will get booked up early! But whatever you do, don't let these details stress you out. While some things are best done in person, you can save a ton of time (and access a larger selection of options) by buying many of the supplies for your wedding online from the comfort of your home. Some examples of things that you can order online quickly and easily are your invitations, favors for your guests, gifts for the wedding party, and even decorations. In Casa Gifts ships daily to Vancouver and carries a larger selection of favors, gifts, wedding supplies, and decorations than any local store. Totally Canadian with most items shipping from Canada!

Enjoy Your Beautiful Vancouver Wedding!

As long as you choose the right venue, the right wedding dress, and take the time to choose wisely for all of the other little details that will add to your special day, you're sure to pull off a beautiful wedding that is remembered for years. Vancouver offers many of the most breathtaking venues and vistas among wedding venues across Canada!

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