9 Decorating Ideas for Spring Weddings

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9 Decorating Ideas for Spring Weddings
Spring is in the air and with it brings a new wedding season. Nature is reborn with flowers blooming, trees budding, and gardens coming to life after a long winter's rest. There are many ideas to explore when planning spring and garden weddings, from deciding on a theme, selecting appropriate seasonal favors, and fab décor.  Spring- and garden-themed weddings are a joy to plan with so many decorating ideas available. To get you started, here are 9 ideas for spring weddings, decorating tips, and party favors.
  1. Fresh, Colourful Flower Ideas For Spring Weddings

Nothing says spring like fresh cut flowers. These can be eye-catching and wonderfully fragrant, which are both so welcoming to our senses after a long, white Canadian winter. These can be displayed in a variety of vases, from classic to modern, or even an eclectic mix to add some fun to every table. There are also many fantastic DIY decorating ideas and endless supplies to make this project look stunning. Welcome your guest to your botanical paradise with some seasonal floral arrangements at the entryway table. If your wedding theme is colour centric, look out for coloured wedding decorating themes.
  1. Easter-Inspired Baskets and Party Favors

Easter is a great holiday that can help generate some interesting decorating ideas. Pastel pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple are all amazing colours that work so well with a spring theme.
  1. Hanging Lantern Ideas For Garden Weddings

Turn that garden wedding into an enchanted wonderland with hanging lanterns and floral decorations. This will transform your outdoor venue into something magical and truly memorable.
  1. Made in the Shade

Spring and garden weddings require attention to some additional details that indoor events get a free pass on. The weather can always be a little tricky, but for some, it's worth the extra effort to be surrounded by nature. Keep your guests comfortable with some umbrellas for shade and shelter during the ceremony. Consider also having a beautifully decorated open air tent for your reception area. Lanterns, floral arrangements, streamers, balloons, and colourful linens will help set the stage for a magical evening.
  1. Outdoor Spring Themed Ceremony Arch

No outdoor wedding is complete without a traditional ceremony arch. The challenge is selecting one that complements your spring wedding décor and personal tastes. These can be made of iron, painted or natural wood, or made from intertwined branches for that rustic, outdoorsy look. These can be decorated with fresh flowers, candles, hanging baskets, or whatever your heart desires. This can be a great DIY project that can yield some unique and wonderful results when done right.
  1. Colourful Chair Cushions for Garden Weddings

A great way to add some visual flavour to the ceremony and reception is with colourful seat cushions for your guests. This can be a fun way to decorate your venue without breaking your flower budget.
  1. Outdoorsy Wedding Party Favors

You can create some awesome centrepieces with some easy DIY projects and some simple supplies. A popular project involves using various jars and vases of differing sizes, decorating them with ribbons, charms, and faux jewels to add some pizzazz to your flower arrangements. What makes spring wedding favors, well...spring wedding favors? It's your choice (from floral to butterfly themes to garden themes, it is really up to you!).
  1. Baseball Fans, Ideas for Spring Weddings

The word “diamond” can invoke very different ideas for different people. While often associated with wedding rings, this word also has a special meaning to many others during this time of year. Spring is synonymous with the start of the baseball season, and fans of the sport can share their love of the game with their guests by choosing a baseball-inspired theme. There are favors, baseball-themed cake toppers, and decorations galore to bring this theme to life. So have fun, be creative, and knock this one out of the park.
  1. Planning Cherry Blossom Spring Weddings

Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, making them a favourite decorating element for the season. This classic and elegant flower works well with almost any colour pairing and looks stunning as a picture backdrop. Furthermore, this iconic plant makes for some amazing centerpieces with both simply and elaborately decorated displays. Consider favors, like cherry blossom scented soap, as a wonderful gift for your guests. There's a world of cherry blossom themed decor to choose from.

Ideas for Spring Weddings Wrap-up

These decorating and spring wedding favor ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when planning your outdoor nuptials. Added planning must go into making sure your guests are comfortable and well looked after so that everyone can enjoy this magical day with you and nature.

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