How to Choose Amazing Wedding Party Gifts for the Entire Bridal Party

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How to Choose Amazing Wedding Party Gifts for the Entire Bridal Party
They were there for you every step of the way, supporting you and helping you make your dream wedding possible, and now you want to show your gratitude to your entire bridal party with some amazing keepsakes. The question is, what kind of wedding party gifts are appropriate? Here's a list of suggested items that are both practical and memorable for her and for him.

Wedding Gifts for The Bride

Gifts for the bride range from practical to personalized and everything in between. There's no right answer in terms of type of gift and how pricey it should be. Jewelry is a popular gift for brides and there are many exquisite pieces available that any bride would be overjoyed to receive. Here are some popular bracelet, necklace and earring styles:

Cubic Zirconia

There are many dazzling styles and pieces available such as branches with pearls, clusters in silver (with vines as well), and pear drop to name a few. These pieces have all the glamour of a diamond at a fraction of the price.

Pearls and Crystals

White pearls continue to be popular with their classic elegance, paired with crystals for some truly stunning pieces.

Silver with Pearl

Another beautiful pairing with wonderful results. Silver vine with white pearl jewelry is versatile and compliments virtually any attire.

3 Piece Sets

There are some wonderful three-piece sets in pearl, flower and pear drop silver, and garden sets in ivory and gold or white and silver. These sets are always a great deal when compared to the necklace and earrings sold individually.

Other Gift Ideas

If jewelry isn't her thing or maybe you're just looking for something different, take a look these!

Three silver-plated “magical” mirrors options are now available in Canada:

1) A classic heart-shaped compact mirror is both attractive and useful.

2) An oval compact mirror with crystals looks stylish and is perfect for that bride who loves bling.

3) A purse-shaped compact mirror is super cute and super practical.

The combo flask and mirror gift set is another popular choice and a good deal compared to buying each item separately.

Some other great gift ideas are gift certificates for a spa day, prepaid credit cards, plus concert and event tickets. These gifts can be suitable for the entire bridal party.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour

Get your BFF's something memorable, yet practical, as a thank-you for being a big part of your wedding party. Popular gifts for bridesmaids include a flask and compact mirror gift set, poetry cards, a miniature ceramic “love bird” favor dish, and silver-plated compact mirrors. Another option is to take the gang out for a spa treatment and dinner at a nice restaurant. Consider a gift basket of chocolate, wine, and some personalized stemware. The options are endless.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Flower Girl

Surprise your flower girl with a personalized gift like a t-shirt of her own to commemorate her part in your wedding party. This “flower girl” wedding transfer can be matched with virtually any shirt of your choosing. Another popular gift is the Beverly Clark Venetian Elegance Collection flower girl basket. This decorative basket will be a cherished keepsake for many years after your special day. What child doesn't like an activity book? Surprise her with a wedding activity book that will keep her entertained for a long time. Another fun option with a personal touch would be to plan a day of shopping, lunch and a movie with them. There's nothing like spending time with someone to make them truly feel special and loved.

Wedding Gifts for the Groom

What do you get for the groom who has it all? Well, check out this swag he'll be sure to love.

Decorative Flasks

There are many options available with attractive finishes and personalized themes. Whether he'll like the classic brushed stainless steel with black leather or charcoal grey faux leather, the classic and stylish two-tone stainless steel flask, or some fun mustache or red lip painted ones, there are choices to suit almost every taste. There is also the awesome H2O (Hip to Own) line of specialty stainless steel flasks with such themes as baseball, football, hockey, hunting, poker, soccer, snowboarding, music, and compass. There are also some old-school, vintage-inspired, clear glass flasks that make great decorations and conversation pieces.

Pocket Watches

Two popular choices of finish are the brushed silver and the gun metal finish. Both are attractive and it really just comes down to personal preference here.

Fun Gifts From the Entire Bridal Party

A great novelty gift is the black or white “Just Married” sandals. He will definitely leave his mark on the beach with these babies.

The novelty five-piece BBQ tools in a black golf bag (and golf grips) makes a great conversation piece at any backyard BBQ.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Best Man and Groomsmen

Take these guys out, celebrate this occasion in style and get noticed with some fun “wedding party” shirt transfers. You gotta look after the bros, you know? These guys are your closest friends and family and you're going to want to say “thank you” with an extra special gift. Unique gift ideas for groomsmen include flasks, pocket watches, novelty golf BBQ tools, and vintage typewriter business card holders to choose from. Another alternative is to treat the guys to a round of golf and a steak dinner. Or take in a sporting event or show. It's all about the quality time together, telling tall tales over a pint or two.

Wedding Party Gifts for the Ring Bearer

Don't forget a gift for your little "dude"! Make his participation memorable with a “Ring Bearer” wedding transfer t-shirt of his very own. Also, consider a wedding activity book to keep the little guy entertained and amused for hours. Some other options include a gift card to Toys-R-Us, some DVD's, or tickets to an event or show.

Wedding Party Gifts Are a Lasting “Thank You”

These wedding gift ideas are a great way to thank everyone who has worked so tirelessly and been such a huge supporter in making your wedding day such a special occasion. Whether you're picking out the perfect thank you gift, or treating them to a night on the town, your entire wedding party will appreciate the recognition. These tokens and gestures are a long-lasting and meaningful “thank you” that will be remembered for a long time. Remember, though, not to forget your spouse to be (and treat yourself) by getting gifts for your honeymoon! There are a variety of gifts for honeymoon in a "Just Married" themes to let the world know you're celebrating a new life!

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