Amazing Wedding Receptions and Unique Ideas

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Amazing Wedding Receptions and Unique Ideas
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While your entire day is special and sure to be memorable, the wedding reception is in a category all its own because that's when you and your guests can relax, let loose, and have some fun. To be sure, you'll have a checklist of things to shop for like reception decorations, accessories and even table planning supplies. But let's get to often overlooked ideas that will make your wedding reception stand out from the tradition of follow-the-formula evenings of most weddings.

Plan for fun at your wedding reception!

This is for the couple who doesn't like taking life too seriously.  Sure, there's a time and a place for being somber, but a wedding reception is not it.  Turn up the fun factor with these quirky ideas.

Forget tinkling glasses with the cutlery to get the bride and groom to kiss.

Instead, ask anyone who wants to see  a kiss to share a funny story about the bride and groom.  Or, get them to flip a coin - tails means the bride and groom kiss, heads means the guest has to find someone to kiss.  Another twist on that idea is to roll a pair of dice - even numbers means the newlyweds kiss, odd numbers mean, you guessed it, the guest has to kiss someone.

Add some excitement to the dancing.

Everyone thinks they know exactly what to expect once the music begins:  bride has the first dance with her groom, she dances with her father, and on it goes.  That's all fine and dandy, but if you're up for it, a bit of creativity goes a long way towards a more memorable evening.  Plan a dancing flash mob ahead of time.  All you need is a few dozen brave volunteers to be your mob - train them on all the right moves via video ahead of time (you can upload the choreography to YouTube for free, and keep it a secret by making the video unlisted), and ask them to practice.  But don't over complicate it - remember, these aren't professional dancers - keep it simple so they can have fun while doing it.  Then all you have to do is cue the right  music to unleash your mob on the unsuspecting guests. And if you're not into dancing, consider an alternative to the first dance with your love - you could do a first trampoline jump (rent one for the reception hall - it'll be fun!), a first karaoke singalong, or a first video game showdown.

Special touches

Whether you want classic pastels and spring flowers or something edgier, you can have it.  To ensure that your wedding reception makes an impact, be sure to choose a theme.  Classic choices include the aforementioned spring flowers and pastels, plus flowing white linens draped over the tables, a towering multi-tiered wedding cake, and champagne for a toast. Whatever you choose for a theme, be sure to think up some unique twists that can be added.

A few ways to make your reception stand out from the rest...

  • Put an open time capsule near the entrance to the reception, and ask guests to fill it with written words of advice or mementos from your wedding day - the plan is that you and your spouse will open this on your first anniversary, and read all the good wishes and notes contained inside.
  • Create a custom cocktail to commemorate your big day, and serve it to guests as they arrive at your reception.  Since everyone will have an empty stomach at that point, don't go too heavy on the liquor for this one.  To get ideas, look through classic drink recipes and add a twist - change the mix, or add a splash of a new spirit not in the original recipe.
  • Hide a special message for guests on their napkins - get them printed with something fun or cheeky like "No ugly crying allowed!"
  • Don't forget the children in attendance.  Consider making the night easier on everyone by putting together a "kiddie corner" with washable crayons, paper, lego, and other no-mess toys that'll keep them busy all evening.  Happy kids mean happy parents and happy wedding guests in general.

Even unique wedding receptions need the basics covered

Once you've come up with a few ideas to ensure your wedding reception has its own unique flair, it's time to make sure you've covered the other bases.  Choose who will give all the key speeches, select your menu items, decide on a cake and unique wedding cake toppers (alternative desert), and hire the band!  And be sure to arrange for photographs of key events to be taken so you'll have something great pictures to frame and remember them by.

Enjoy the rewards of planning an amazing wedding reception

This is a big day, and you deserve to have a fabulous reception to cap it off.  With a little time, planning, and creativity, you'll not only have an amazing evening, but be known for throwing a party that stood out for all the right reasons. Planning your wedding reception? Plan with us! [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]  [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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