Bachelor Parties - What You Guys Should NOT Do…

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Bachelor Parties - What You Guys Should NOT Do…
A bachelor party traditionally marks the groom's final day as a single, eligible man and what better way to celebrate it than with a great night out on the town, right? But there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it.  Nobody likes boys behaving  ultra-badly, but there are also other considerations for the groomsmen to consider. (And grooms, remember to thank your best buds with a little groomsmen gift).

Let's talk 8 Key Don'ts for Groomsmen Throwing a Bachelor Party:

  1. Don't do anything that the bride wouldn't be happy to hear about 

    Trust is one of the keys to a happy marriage, so don't mess this up for the groom by causing him to have to keep secrets before the ceremony even takes place.  An easy way to tell if something is a good or bad idea for a bachelor party activity is to ask yourself if the bride would approve.  Also, if it's tradition for the bachelor's night out to include inviting male relatives on the bride's side of the family, she'll hear about everything that goes down anyways.  Best to keep things on the up and up, right?  So let's repeat this together, guys...

    Let's repeat: Groomsmen, don't do anything that the bride wouldn't be happy to hear about (when it comes to her man!) 

  2. Avoid having the bachelor party the night before the wedding 

    Bachelor parties often involve copious drinking and staying out late, which are not compatible with showing up on time for the wedding ceremony bright-eyed and ready to go.  So ditch the notion that the groom's last night as a bachelor should be spent partying.  Instead, if a rowdy party is in the cards, schedule it the weekend before the wedding, allowing all who attend plenty of time to recover before the big wedding day.
  3. Don't do anything dangerous 

    With the wedding coming up so soon, one of the first priorities (other than having a rip-roaring good time), is to keep the groom and his groomsmen in one piece.  Broken bones or other serious injuries will put a damper on the wedding festivities, not to mention hamper the groom's ability to properly enjoy his honeymoon.  Save the skydiving and bungee jumping for another occasion.  You can still add some adventure and excitement to the day, but remember that safety comes first!
  4. Don't encourage the groom to get flirty with anyone who isn't his future wife 

    A smart man knows that one of the keys to a happy marriage is to be loyal to their spouse -  avoid putting the groom in any situations that might reflect badly on him, such as going to strip clubs or flirting with other women. At best, it will strain their honeymoon if they're leaving the day after the wedding. At worst, you'll break up what might've been a great marriage. Confused? See point 1, above!
  5. Don't assume everyone has a lot of money to spend 

    While a boys' weekend away in Vegas sounds great on paper, the reality is that no matter how great of a deal you get on flights or accommodations, not everyone can afford it.  Come up with a bachelor party idea that everyone can afford, and save the weekend away for another time when it's not so crucial that all can go along.
  6. Don't forget to keep an eye on the groom 

    One person (most commonly the best man) needs to be responsible for keeping tabs on the groom to keep him out of trouble, especially if drinking is involved.  While we're sure the groom will do everything possible to escape his bachelor party with his honor intact, it can't hurt to have his buddies help him succeed.
  7. Don't let the groom pay for his own expenses 

    While it's understandable that going to the wedding is costing you some cash, necessitating that you keep a lid on your spending, the bachelor party is not the time to cut back too much.  This is the groom's last big day/evening out as an unmarried man, and there is no way that he should be forking out his own cash to do it.  If money is tight, choose a less costly evening out (i.e. avoid going to Vegas for the weekend... see above for details).  Also, remember that if everyone who comes to the bachelor's party chips in, it won't cost very much at all to treat the groom to a nice time.
  8. Don't ignore the groom's likes and dislikes when planning this event 

    If the groom is an introvert, taking him on a pub crawl for the bachelor party might not be his thing.  If the groom is an adrenaline junkie who hates sitting still for too long, taking him out for a quiet evening of poker might not suit him either.  Before deciding on an itinerary for this event, be sure to take into account the kinds of things that the groom-to-be will enjoy.
Bachelor parties done right are a time to remember As long as you don't make any major gaffes, like those included on the list of don'ts above, you have excellent odds of experiencing a fabulous bachelor party that's remembered as a time of fun, excitement, and male bonding.   Learn more about throwing great parties for your wedding by reading more from InCasaGifts Wedding Planning Experts, including bridal shower party ideas.

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