Choosing the Best Wedding Supplies for Your Wedding- Shopping in Bulk is Key!

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Choosing the Best Wedding Supplies for Your Wedding- Shopping in Bulk is Key!
Planning your wedding comes with SO many little pieces to remember, and so many things to buy! From invitations to candles for centerpieces, hairclips to party favours. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to choose, buy and store all the needed supplies for your wedding. Not to mention the need to actually PAY for it all! All these wedding supplies can add up and throw your budget for a loop if you’re not careful! Thankfully there are a few things you can do to help ease your load.

Buying Wedding Supplies in Bulk

Whether buying in store or online, many wedding supplies can be purchased in bulk to save money. This not only lowers your cost, it also makes the storage quite simple since most bulk items are packaged for easy delivery. Some of the best wedding supplies to buy in bulk include:
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Invitations- Whether you buy the paper in bulk and design and print them all yourself or you find a printer to do them for you, buying invitations in bulk is a great way to save a few dollars. Candles- If you’re using candles for centerpieces and other décor you will want to buy them in bulk. Even saving $0.50 on each candle will add up. If you choose to get battery operated candles instead of ones with flames, don’t forget to order batteries, too! Favours- You might only need 30 of an item, but sometimes buying in multiples of 25 or 50 can end up saving you some money! Candy buffet- If you intend to have a candy buffet at your wedding, this is definitely one item you’ll want to buy in bulk. The cost of candy can add up quickly, so stick to 3-5 different options that you can get in larger volumes, instead of 10 smaller bags. Alternatively, stores like Bulk Barn offer a great selection of bulk candy that can help you offer variety at a bulk price.

Unique Ideas for Wedding Supplies

Depending on your theme you can put some unique ideas to use when looking for wedding supplies.
  • Search local antique shops for the perfect touches
  • Use hay bales for free seating, make tables, chairs, backdrops, dance floors and bars out of old pallets for a rustic touch
  • Have a family member make the wine or beer that will be served
  • Use white string lights to provide ambiance
  • Use barn wood to paint your welcome sign


  • Centerpieces- Sure, those florist-made centerpieces are beautiful. But they’re also going to break the bank before you even realize! Go for a do-it-yourself method for these and save some money while putting a very personal touch on your wedding day. Check out online forums like Pinterest for some DIY centerpiece ideas
  • Favours- These can be quite easy to do yourself. Decide on your colour theme and overall style and find some sweet treats that fit your look. Tie them in a piece of organza or lace, or place in a nice box. Check online retailers or Pinterest for other ideas of how to present your favours
  • Bouquets- Make your own bouquets with flowers from a friends’ garden to give a personal touch to your style
  • Chair ties- If your chairs are boring but you’re not quite ready to spring for chair covers, make your own sashes to dress them up a bit. You can find some simple organza fabric at your local fabric store and use it to make a nice tie for the back of each chair
These are just a few suggestions of how you can use some slightly out of the box thinking to put together a beautiful wedding day without driving yourself crazy! Of course, there's more out there. If you’re looking to simplify your wedding supplies and make friends with your budget, you just have to get a little creative!
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