Christmas Holiday Party Favour Ideas

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Christmas Holiday Party Favour Ideas

Christmas Holiday Party Favour Ideas

If you've ever wanted to be the host of a fantastic party, you'll know that it's the small details, like party favours, that make the difference between a party that is only so-so, or the talk of the town. Here are some of the best ideas for this year's Christmas holiday party favours.

Personalized Favours

Think about the people that you've invited and consider giving out an personalized favour gift for each of them. Granted, this might be hard to do, but your efforts will pay off enormously when you see the delight on the faces of your guests. For the wine lover on your list, consider a festive wine bottle stopper. For the book lover, a festive holiday-themed bookmark would be both useful and appreciated. Or give out a homemade treat that you decorate differently for each guest, in keeping with their personality or interests.

6 Ideas for One-Size-Fits-All Favours

So if the idea of coming up with personalized gifts for every one of your guests is putting you into a cold sweat, here are some fantastic ideas for party favours that would suit a large variety of people. The trick here is to resist the temptation to give out useless trinkets.
  1. Assuming there are no dietary restrictions to worry about, consider giving out a gift of high-quality chocolates. You'd be surprised at how affordable it is to give out a small box of exquisite chocolate to each of your guests, and it's far more memorable than a generic box of Toffifay. Who doesn't love chocolate, right?
  2. Choose some great songs to be played throughout the party and give a personalized CD mix of those songs to your guests.
  3. Give out an ornament for their Christmas tree - but take care to pick one that's not just a generic ornament from your local discount store. Look a little harder, for something more unique. Uniqueness is the very quality that will make this one a keeper, rather than just a trinket that gets tossed in the trash when they arrive home.
  4. If you want a favour that will please adults and children alike, consider setting up a gingerbread house station. Before the party, assemble a miniature gingerbread house for each guest (use pre-made gingerbread cookies to save time on your end), and loads of bowls overflowing with different kinds of candy for decorations. Add a supply of icing, and your guests are all set to make their own fun.
  5. Set out a table of assorted Christmas dainties with empty cookie tins, and let your guests choose their own assortment to bring home with them after the party. They're guaranteed to be thinking warm thoughts of you when they eat them later!

Children's Party Favours

For those parties where children are included on your guest list, you'll need to come up with something that will delight kids of any age. Now you can certainly try giving out personalized gifts, but since some children get upset if they see others getting something different from themselves, this is the time where it's in your best interest to keep it simple and give out very similar favours to every child. Here are a couple of super easy ideas for you.
  1. Make a scavenger hunt. Each child goes on the hunt for a wrapped favour, and stops when they find one. This way everyone is guaranteed to get one, and they'll have a ball searching for them. Once every child has found a wrapped favour, they can all unwrap them together to reveal the surprise! As for what to give out, you could use chocolates or candy, age-appropriate puzzles, or even Christmas-themed pencils and erasers along with some drawing paper.
  2. Make a choose-your-own-favour extravaganza! Set out baskets of inexpensive dollar-store toys, notepads, or decorative pencils, and let them pick their own favours This is the one time that not giving everyone the same favour is likely to work to your advantage. Kids love to be able to pick their own gift!

Tips for a Winning Party Favour

Do give out gifts that are personalized, genuinely useful, or consumable. We all know what it's like to be given some cheap trinket that ends up in the trash as soon as we get home from a party. Don't be the host that gives out that sort of thing. Homemade is good, but only if what you've made is something your guests would truly want or need. Your homemade crocheted winter hat may well be absolutely beautiful, but is only a good party favour choice if your guests are the type that would like that look.

You Did It!

People come to parties for a good time, not just for saying hello to you and others. Give them a night full of fun, with especially memorable party favours, and they will always remember your parties!

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