Customized Wedding Cake Toppers to Love

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Customized Wedding Cake Toppers to Love

Wedding Cake Toppers Have Come a Long Way

Cake toppers are the best-kept secret in modern wedding design. In the 50s, they showed up on every cake beautiful cake looking just the same: a small plastic bride and groom, dressed formally, she in a white dress and he in a black jacket, stiffly standing next to each other on the top tier of a white cake. No diversity in sight. Happily, there are now a million different vendors out there selling toppers, and their designs are anything but the same-old, same-old style. Culture, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and personal taste are all easily represented by the hundreds of choices you have at the click of a button. This variety makes choosing a topper that really represents you as a couple much more fun. Toppers went out of fashion for several years in the 2000s when minimalistic cake design was in. Your older siblings or friends might not have had one on their cakes just a few years ago. Now that highly personalized weddings are back in fashion, wedding cake toppers are a simple and impactful way to add interest to your cake and to enhance your theme. From the hilarious to the super sweet, there’s definitely a topper out there for you. Cake toppers are the finishing tough to beautiful wedding cakes.
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Funny toppers:

Funny Wedding Cake ToppersFunny toppers can be a light touch in an otherwise emotional occasion. Go for cute, rather than outrageous. For example, a cartoonish bride and groom high-fiving or driving off to the honeymoon in a convertible are a little jokey without making either of you look bad. Why get a topper if it’s not on top? It can look strange having a statue sitting next to the cake, when it should clearly be on top. Bobbleheads made to look like the two of you are a cute addition to sporty weddings, for example, but these heavy toys can be too much for a cake to hold. If you decide you’d like a personalized topper but your cake can’t support the weight, your topper doesn’t need to be on the cake table. Try it by the guestbook instead.

Elegant toppers:

Contemporary Elegant Cake ToppersClassic or modern—the eternal question. If your parents kept the old-fashioned topper from their cake, it’s a nice way to incorporate their traditions into your wedding. A vintage topper fits in perfectly with a retro-themed wedding. There are tons of elegant modern options as well. Wedding cake toppers usually symbolize the couple and their new bond, so if you’re choosing a topper that shows either people, items, or animals, it’s traditional to have two of whatever you pick. If you choose a topper with inanimate objects or animals representing you as a couple, it’s best to have them snuggling close, or the topper may not feel romantic enough.

Here are a few ideas for modern wedding cake toppers:


  • Nature Cake ToppersAnimal toppers are a perennial favorite. Pick two of a kind, or one that represents each of you separately.
  • Flowers, fruit, or other natural materials suit an outdoor wedding. Pile them up around and over the cake for an abundant look; choose local fruits and flowers to make a destination wedding extra memorable. Marzipan or spun-sugar flowers and fruit are beautiful and delicate, and can be enjoyed by your guests as well.


  • For a mod look, choose a laser-cut saying that represents you as a couple. A religious verse or one line of a poem are perfect for this clean topper.
  • A cute banner with little bunting letters, or a simple ribbon spelling out your names, will give an adorable fair vibe to your wedding cake.
  • Initials are a popular choice for toppers, in various materials like wood or sugar. Your monogrammed cake will be a monument to old-school class.
  • Laser-cutting is a great technique for getting very precise outlines, making it perfect for silhouettes. You can create a vintage-looking topper with a cameo feel using your actual profiles.


  • Try a hobby topper, or something from the wedding’s theme. If you’re having a beach-themed wedding, for example, you could choose merpeople or shells to top off your cake. If you love running marathons together, two pairs of running shoes and little race bibs could show off your shared interests as you run off into the sunset together.
  • Cake toppers depicting a formally dressed couple look fresh when they’re not strictly patterned on the vintage design. Look for interesting materials like wood, paper, and cloth, and creative elements that speak to you as individuals.
  • Wedding bells are a beautiful option for any cake. The chimes from church bells are symbolic, supposedly warding off evil spirits. Add a ribbon for extra flair and you’ve got a lovely picture of a cake.
  • Sparklers at an outdoor wedding are tons of fun, folding the cake into the summertime theme and dramatically lighting up your cake cutting. Fireworks embedded in the top tier are even more exciting, so make sure you only use these if you want the cake to be a true focal point. Pinwheels are a fun option for daytime weddings, and mini pinwheels can be used as cupcake toppers.

Cake Topper mistakes:

If you’ve ever seen pictures of weddings gone wrong, you’ve probably seen a couple of cake toppers that have crossed the line from funny to tacky. Something that seems sidesplitting when you’re with your honey at home can be awkward when it’s the center of attention in a ballroom.  Funny toppers can easily become vulgar in a different setting; those tasteless toppers make guests uncomfortable, and you don’t want Grandma badmouthing your cake during the reception. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that makes you or your partner look like you don’t want to be getting married. Even if you know it’s a gag, it’s simply better to show off your happiness on this day. But don’t get too happy—sexy toppers that show couples wrapped around each other and making out will remind your friends and family a little too explicitly of the wedding night to come. Ball-and-chain themed toppers are also common, but these take away from the romantic tenor of the event. If you really want to go with one that shows the bride chasing the groom, choose a topper where the groom looks happy to be caught (and not desperate to escape the bride’s clutches!) One last suggestion is to make sure the topper matches the look of your cake. Overly large or cartoony toppers on a dainty cake will be visually jarring.

Why have a wedding cake topper?

The bakery is one of the priciest vendors of the wedding industry. A wedding cake is several times more expensive than a regular cake, and the visual elements involved add even more to the bill. Sugar flowers, piped icing, and fondant decorations are all beautiful - and expensive when they cover a large cake. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on costs, you can rein in the other decorative elements in cake design if you have an elaborate cake topper. It gives your dessert that one-of-a-kind look with minimal fuss, and you can find lots of options easily online. Cake toppers are one of the last wedding details to pick out, after your theme, colors, and other décor has been settled. Your cake topper shouldn’t be the central focus of the décor, but should enhance your existing theme and the feel of your wedding. Shopping for your customized cake topper should be a piece of cake!

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