Décor and Supplies for a Picture Perfect Wedding Ceremony

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Décor and Supplies for a Picture Perfect Wedding Ceremony
If your ceremony's décor plans have got you confounded, you'll be happy to know that this guide has you covered with everything you need for your wedding ceremony decorations, accessories, and stationary.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

In Casa Gifts has all the most popular wedding ceremony decorations including “down the aisle” signs, flower petals, aisle decorations, runners, candles and holders, wedding car decorations, parasols, umbrellas, and stylish handheld fans.

Down the Aisle Signs

There are many themed banners available like “Bistro Bliss”, “Classic Delight”, “Deco Posh”, “Feather Whimsy”, “Floral Dreams”, “Natural Burlap” with black or white print, and “Woodland Style”. These are customizable and suitable for almost any wedding theme that you choose.

Flower Petals

Unleash your flower power with amazing printed silk, cherry blossom, Hydrangea or rose petals. There are also preserved natural rose petals that come in an attractive clear box and make great party favors.

Aisle Decorations

There's no end to the options and creative directions that you can go here. To help you stay on the right track, these aisle decorations are further subdivided into these four categories:      1) Ceremony Multipurpose Trims Burlap, rolled fabric lace, ruffled canvas, faux moss ribbon, and tulle by the roll are just some of the many trim options available. These decorations work great in both traditional church     settings, outdoor events, and unique locations as well.      2) Glass and Ceramic Products Here you'll find beautiful glass globes, vases, cube-shaped tea light holders, white glass decorations, bottles with ombre smoke, and sand ceremony vase sets. These items can be beautiful additions to your ceremony's venue and perfect for converting unique locations into blissful utopias.      3) Ornamental and Paper Products Many of these decorations work beautifully with a rustic or woodland type theme with items like faux moss and wicker pomanders and frames. Additionally, hanging paper lanterns add a magical feel to any outdoor evening ceremony.      4) Wedding Flowers and Garlands What ceremony is complete without flowers and garlands? With beautiful crystal, pearl, or paper garlands and fabulous fabric flowers available, your ceremony is sure to look stunning with these great decorating options.

Aisle Runners

There are three great options to choose from here: plain burlap, non-woven runners (with heart shapes or plain), and personalized aisle runners. Burlap is a popular choice and can include personalized lettering, various styles, and numerous trim options. These are awesome for any indoor or outdoor rustic-themed wedding. Fabric personalized runners are also available with themes all their own.

Ceremonial Candles and Holders

In Casa Gifts has a ton of great candles and holders to add that special ambiance to your ceremony. From decorative candlesticks to elegant tea light holders, there is something here to compliment any theme.

Wedding Car Decorations

Get to and from the ceremony in your tastefully decorated, modern chariot. With classic “Just Married” novelty license plates, tulle by the roll and pre-made ribbons available, you're ready to cruise in style.

Parasols and Umbrellas

Your guests will be happy and comfortable with these made-in-the-shade parasols and umbrellas. These are a must for any outdoor or destination wedding. A side benefit is that parasols are great photographic props.

Fabulous Handheld Fans

Although many churches and temples are beautiful works of architecture, some ornately decorated and majestic in design, they can be hot and stuffy when filled shoulder-to-shoulder with people dressed in their finest Sunday attire. This is never truer than on a hot, sunny summer day, regardless of how high those ceiling fans are set to. Handheld fans provide some welcome relief from the heat and keep everyone comfortable and vertical. In Casa Gift has several tasteful handheld fans that can be personalized for your big day. Everyone attending the ceremony will be fans of these fans.

Ceremony Accessories

Flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, unity candles, wedding memorial candles, unity sand ceremony sets, family wedding decorations, plus fun and chuckle-inducing shoe stickers are some of the many wedding accessories to complete the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Stationary and Supplies

Keep your guests informed with the right stationary and wedding signage: personalized signs, wedding programs, and wedding window clings. Personalized water bottles with attractive, custom labels will keep everyone happy and hydrated.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations, Accessories, and Stationary Central

In Casa Gifts is your one-stop shop for everything you need. Your ceremony will look stunning with fab décor, beautiful accessories, and matching stationary.

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