Delicious Chocolate Wedding Favors and Sweet Candy Favors

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Delicious Chocolate Wedding Favors and Sweet Candy Favors
Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect thank you gift for your guests? Chocolate wedding favors and sweet candy favors might just be the ideal answer. The more you consider these options, the harder it's going to be to pass up on this sweet offer. Edible wedding favors - including chocolate bar favors and candy and bubble gum favors are an awesome way to say “thank you” - here's why!

Everyone Has Different Decorating Tastes

Not everyone is keen on receiving an ornament, as cute as they may be - your guests may prefer a minimalist approach when decorating their own home. Let's face it, some wedding favors end up in a box stored in the basement or attic, or even re-gifted. This is not a reflection of how they feel about you but rather, a reflection of their own personal decorating tastes, so don't take it personally if they don't display it in their home.

Chocolate Bar Favors CanadaEveryone Loves Edible Chocolate Wedding Favors and Sweet Candy Favors

Even the most useful and unique party favors may not suit everyone's lifestyle. While bottle stoppers, oil dipping plates, elegant glassware, and espresso coffee cup sets are popular gift choices, there will be some guests who just don't have a use for these items. For this reason, edible favors are generally liked by everyone. Sure, there's always a small number of guests with specific dietary restrictions, but many can still indulge in the odd treat once in a while and may appreciate this as such an occasion.

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

Your guests will gush about these nut-free gourmet milk chocolate bars. You can select a customized  wrapper to match your theme and add a personal touch to this thank you gift. With themed names like “A Wine Romance”, “Autumn Leaf”, “Classic Orchid”, “Contemporary Hearts”, “Eclectic Patterns”, “Evergreen”, “Expressions”, “Fleur De Lis”, “Floral Fusion”, “Floral Orchestra”, “French Whimsy”, “Golf”, “Heart Filigree”, “Heart Strings”, “Hearts”, “Las Vegas”, “Lavish Monogram”, “Lines”, “Love Bird Damask”, “Love Bird”, “Luck Of The Irish”, “Moroccan”, “Perfect Peacock”, “Pinwheel Poppy”, “Reef Coral”, “Retro Swirl”, “Romantic Butterfly”, “Romantic Elegance”, “Rose”, “Vintage Hollywood”, “Vintage Travel”, and “Winter Finery”, you're almost guaranteed to find a great match for your wedding décor. There are colour customization options for most of these candy bar sleeves as well. Now that's a lot of choices, but that's not all! Personalize this favor even more by adding the couple's names, the wedding date, or pretty much anything else that you would like (space permitting of course).

Bubble Gum Candy Favors CanadaSweet Candy Favors

Aside from chocolate, there are a few more delightful options for those sweet-toothed guests. Candy and bubble gum favors make for a sweet treat that's hard to beat. Create a fun centerpiece with a bubble gum or candy dispenser. They are available in black, pink, blue, red, and classic white to match any décor. These can be filled with nearly any kind of treat that you can imagine. Another fun favor idea is to provide your guests with a novelty popcorn carton filled with fresh, delicious popcorn. Could you imagine this with a Hollywood theme? What a perfect pairing! If you're planning a casino-style theme, the mini slot machine candy dispenser would make a perfect centerpiece and fit beautifully with your décor. Scatter some poker chips and some playing cards on the table to complete the look. Wintergreen-flavoured conversation hearts can add some fun to any table décor. “Sweet” goodie bag bubble gum makes for a great take away gift for those who may want to indulge their sweet tooth later.

Buy Chocolate and Candy Favors in Bulk to Save Some Bucks

Buy in bulk to stretch your dollar further. Quantity pricing is available directly from the In Casa Gifts website. Is it possible to have too much chocolate? Not likely. Don't forget to check to see if your order qualifies for free shipping as well. This deal just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

Sweet Candy and Chocolate Wedding Favors Could Be Your Golden Ticket

Willy Wonka may have been onto something. Edible chocolate and candy treats are a hit with everyone, young and old. Fabulous colour customization and a personalized wrapper will make for a memorable favor. And remember to consider adding a candy dispenser to your guest's table for a fun and unforgettable evening.

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