Fabulous Spring Wedding Favors

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Fabulous Spring Wedding Favors
Spring is the best time of year for a wedding. The weather is great, the venues are cheaper than in summer, and flowers are blooming like crazy. Marriage to your best beloved is truly the most beautiful experience you’ll ever have - to enjoy it in a scenic setting like a spring garden is a gift beyond compare. Do do you have to buy keepsake gifts for your guests, too? If you want to thank your guests for attending, it’s usually considered polite to give them a little something to take with them and in this case, we share spring wedding favor ideas! 

Favors are a tradition

Spring WeddingsFavors are a gift giving tradition at weddings and often considered a part of both traditional and modern wedding etiquette. Ask any European descending bride to be (and her parents) and the thought of not thanking guests would be "unthinkable". A bomboniere gift is a must!  However, the truth is that the days of giving $10+ keepsakes to wedding guests are not for everyone and most choose to stay within a budget. Fortunately, many wedding favor and supply shops offer budget wedding favors typically costing just a few dollars each. Further, they offer bulk discounts. Many people say that the best favor is the free party (and dinner!) that comes with a wedding invitation. However, favors are such an old tradition that many guests will look askance at leaving empty-handed. Favors have been a part of the marriage ritual for thousands of years, so it’s understandable that your parents are hesitant to do away with them entirely. Depending on your family, friends, and location, it’s likely to be frowned upon to entirely exclude favors from your wedding. Unless you’re having a very minimalistic wedding or come from a nontraditional background, it would be easier to have a small gift at each place or even a buffet-style sweets table rather than let people take negative notice of any aspect of your wedding. In fact, you’ll feel great about giving something that represents you and your spouse to your guests. A favor is a kind gesture that, if chosen well, adds enormously to the pleasure everyone feels in the happy occasion. It’s fun to have a reminder of your day, from an edible treat to a stunning souvenir of a destination wedding. The more personal and relevant the gifts, the more warm memories it will bring up for your loved ones.

How to choose the right favor?

You may have trouble deciding what favors will be a good match for your reception tables. Your tables are the big draw, visually, at the reception. The favors should complement the décor and be visually appealing if you plan to set one at each place. For a spring wedding, delicate favors in netting or lace are popular, as well as gifts with a plant or nature motif. If your colors are light and bright, make sure your favors are, too. Your guests’ presents are a great place to reflect your theme: Give items related to your hobbies to invite your guests into your lives. Many nontraditional couples have done away with favors entirely, but even more have redesigned the concept. You’ll notice that favors, or bonbonnieres, are just going under another name now. Their history has always been related to sweets and sugar, so the candy table, the cookie table, and anywhere you grab a bag and some treats at a wedding is simply a new version of the classic favor. It’s easy to find affordable, attractive favors in either the more traditional style where each person receives a small gift at their place setting, or the new, more casual version where everyone helps themselves to a gift from a side table.

Ideas for favors that fit in wonderfully with a springtime wedding:

Garden Theme Seed Favors Garden themed favors and plant-themed gifts are a perfect fit with the symbolism of new beginnings and growth that comes with the spring season. A perennial favorite, the succulent grows easily in any indoor or outdoor setting and requires almost no care. Tiny succulents in shot-glass-sized pots are a great way to bring nature to your brown-thumbed friends without worrying they’ll leave the gifts behind. For those with a little more room to plant, wildflower seed paper is a beautiful and easy way to give flowers to your guests next year. This plantable paper with seeds embedded in it looks charming and is a great present for rustic weddings. Hanging plants or terrariums are also stunning and fairly easy to make yourself. If you want an elegant gift that still calls Mother Nature to mind, leaf-themed napkin rings are a great option. Baked goods and baking supplies give a warm, homey feel to any wedding, especially if baking is important in your family. There are so many sweet treats at a wedding, why not help your guests keep the party rolling with a mini rolling pin? A heart-shaped measuring spoon set for each guest is a great way to incorporate your love of baking into your theme. You can also give ready-to-make baking kits: s’mores kits in mason jars (especially if your wedding has a bonfire or has a camping theme), cookie kits in mason jars, or other creative options so your guests can make their own goodies after the party’s over. Locally made honey in mini mason jars, or honey sticks tied together with ribbon, shows your hometown pride and gives your family something to snack on. A beehive-shaped tea infuser showcases your spring theme and is a delight to use the morning after a long night of partying. Pretty and useful, soap favors travel home with your guests easily and can be molded into any number of springtime shapes. Butterfly-shaped scented soap, flower-shaped soap, soap shaped like anything that suits your theme - it’s an easy and low-cost favor that everyone uses. Soap is also easy to DIY if you have an unusual theme that you want to represent. One old favorite that perfectly suits a springtime wedding: pastel Jordan almonds in delicate net bags! These are very traditional for weddings near Easter. Absolutely charming, especially for vintage weddings, these pastel bonbonnieres are exceptionally nice when paired with the lighter colors of a spring wedding. A less old-fashioned option is a candy bar in springtime colors, or a bowl of personalized candies for your guests to dip into throughout the night. Candy and chocolate favors are all very well and vices have their place in weddings too. Many guests would prefer a nice mini champagne bottle or an airplane bottle of your favorite liqueur to a knick-knack. Shot glasses, engraved champagne glasses (can be used during the toast), and bottle openers in creative shapes (like a bicycle or a vintage key) are all ways to individualize a gift that celebrates the good times. For those with a more generous budget, a cigar, to be enjoyed in the soft evening air, is a wonderful favor for a spring wedding. Scratch-off lottery tickets are a quirky gift idea, and can be dressed up with little mottoes such as “Lucky in Love” to make them more wedding-friendly.

Interactive favors

If you’re excited about seeing your guests using their favor during the wedding, try giving them something to use during the send off. Bells, bubbles, pinwheels, noisemakers, and sparklers are all budget-friendly options that can be placed under a ceremony seat. Not just for smokers, matchbooks and matchboxes can be personalized and used to light sparklers and/or lanterns later in the reception, making them a fun, interactive gift that can also be used later at home.

Spring wedding favor themes revolve around nature

Spring weddings usually have themes revolving around the glory of nature. The gorgeous blooms outside and gentle breezes lend themselves to outdoor weddings and color schemes that reflect the abundance of new blooms. The décor for your wedding is likely to be colorful and delicate. Choose favors that reflect your wedding style and the taste of your guests for a fabulous spring wedding that everyone will enjoy. Spring ideas are endless!
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