Sexy Garters to Amazing Veils - Gorgeous Accessories for the Bride

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Sexy Garters to Amazing Veils - Gorgeous Accessories for the Bride
If you're ready to take your wedding look to the next level, keep reading. After the dress itself, accessories are secret ingredients to completing your perfect wedding day attire. While this doesn't need to be an expensive or time-consuming task, finding the right accessories can make a big difference to your overall appearance. These choices can also enhance your wedding images by adding some sparkle, character and fun to your photo shoot. Shop online to save time and money with In Casa Gifts, one of Canada's biggest and best sources for unique garters, tiaras, veils, and headpieces. Here's a sample of some awesome accessories for the bride to get you started.

Gorgeous Garters Put the “Sexy” in Bride Accessories

Wedding Bridal GartersThis traditional wedding item dates back so far that even its origin is not absolutely clear. While some stories say that pieces of the wedding dress were shared with the guests to provide good luck for all in attendance, other tales refer to this ritual as proof of the marriage's consummation. Regardless of the origin, it is widely practiced at most weddings today with a portion of the reception's evening dedicated to this event. Normally performed after the bouquet toss, this ritual is often accompanied with specifically selected music, much whooping and hollering, and a fair dose of good-natured (and sometimes nervous) laughter. There are many beautiful and sexy wedding garters available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every blushing bride. Many women wish to reveal their garter in a professionally posed wedding photo, so you'll want to take special care when selecting the right garter set to compliment your dress and other bridal accessories. Find outstanding pieces from the Beverly Clark collection such as Crowned Jewel, Duchess, French Lace, Gala, La Fleur, Luxe, Monroe, Royal Lace, Tie the Knot, and Venetian bridal garters. But that's not all. There are many other notable sets available, each with their own unique and attractive appearance. These include the Bronze Elegance, Calla Lily, Celtic Charm, Chocolate Blush, Crystal Glamour, Embroidered Applique, Fairytale Dreams, Flower of Love, Platinum Scattered Pearls and Crystals, Pocket, Seaside Allure, Snowflake, Sweet Art, and Tweet Nothings bridal garter sets to name a few. Most of these garters are sold as a pair (or set), providing you with one to use for the garter toss event and one for yourself as a keepsake. One is normally wider and a little more ornate than the other but the choice of which to toss or to keep is up to you, there's no set rule for this.

Wedding Tiaras and Hair Accessories for the Bride

Weddingl Tiaras - Hair Pieces for the BrideThere are several options for wedding hair accessories that can look stunning with or without your veil. These include jewel hair twists featuring various elegant Swarovski crystals, a jewel hair comb with pearls, or a simple satin wrapped headband. Make sure you discuss your ideas and desires with your hairdresser so that you're both on the same page come your wedding day. Of course, brides may want to outfit their entire bridal party - and these affordable hairpieces can be a finishing touch for the bridesmaids and the flower girls. Use them as thank you gifts for standing by you on your wedding day, in addition to more traditional gifts for your bridesmaids.  (Oh, and don't forget the men!) Whether you plan for a fantastic up-do, show off your flowing curls or sexy straight-back hairstyle, select a tiara and hair pieces that are right for your unique style.  

No List of Accessories for the Bride is Complete Without Veils

Wedding VeilsThe lifting of the veil during the ceremony is a classic event shared at almost every wedding in Canada, and many other parts of the world. Your choice of the veil will be greatly influenced by your choice of wedding dress, bridal accessories, and personal preferences. There are many great styles and various lengths to consider. Here are some ideas for wedding veils, categorized by their style and length.

     Bird Cage Style Veils

These short, single tier veils come in white or ivory, and can be embellished with pearls, crystals, or feather and chiffon floral accessories. These classic veils are a throwback to the roaring twenties and work beautifully with a vintage-inspired wedding theme. Mid-length and Floor-Length Tulle Veils Available in both single and two-tier options, these classic white or ivory veils can be worn as-is or adorned with satin ribbon borders, pearls, embroidery, or rhinestones.

Bridal Accessories for a Stunning Wedding Reveal

While your wedding dress steals the show (and takes all the credit), it's your accessories that complete the whole package. Beautiful and sexy garters, elegant hair accessories for the bride, tiaras, and delicate veils help turn those wedding photos from fair to fabulous. The finishing touches are important too - so make sure you pick out a perfect evening bag, keep a parasol ready for shade and style, and if you want some relief during the day, get a great pair of wedding themed flip flops! All these bridal accessories will ensure you're fashion forward with all the details covered. Above all, be your fabulous you on your wedding day and express your true sense of style.

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