Amazing Toronto Wedding Venue Locations

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Amazing Toronto Wedding Venue Locations
Toronto is packed with exciting options for your wedding venue and there's no better city to get married in! Here are some of the most popular choices that you should consider. Each is unique and Toronto is packed with one-of-a-kind venue offerings (we share more here!)

1. The Berkeley Church is one of the most gorgeous wedding venues in Toronto.

Picture a gothic-style wedding surrounded by dramatic 17-foot stained glass windows, hardwood floors, and soaring high ceilings. Just imagine how utterly amazing this space could look and the dramatic photos you'll have to remember your day by if you choose this kind of venue!

2. Graydon Manor Hall is full of old-world sophistication.

This is a great choice if you want to add some old-world sophistication to your big day. Picture sprawling gardens, ornate moldings, and big bay windows, plus the warm glow of a wood-burning fireplace to set the mood.

3. Steam Whistle Brewery is historic and hip!

If you want to host your wedding in a hip setting, you can't go wrong with the award-winning historic roundhouse that's known as the Steam Whistle Brewery. Picture exposed wood beams, rich red brick, massive windows, and high ceilings. An added bonus is that wedding guests can even go on a tour of the brewery!

4. Casa Loma is perfect if you have a love of castles.

Canada isn't known for castles, so you can be forgiven if you shelved your dream of getting married in one locally. However, if getting married in a castle appeals to you, consider Casa Loma. Built in 1914 for 3.5 million dollars, it's one of the only castles in North America. Not only will you enjoy the dramatic 60-foot ceilings of the interior, but the impeccably manicured gardens are wonderful in the warm summer months.

5. Evergreen Brickworks can accommodate almost all sizes of guest lists for your Toronto wedding.

This location is wonderful whether you're having a more intimate wedding with as few as 70 guests, or a lavish affair for 2000! With their mission of adopting sustainable, eco-friendly practices, they are the perfect choice if you want to minimize your wedding's impact on the environment.

6. The Toronto Wedding Chapel will save you money.

This is a great space for a very small guest list - they can accommodate up to 25 people. And since the space is pre-decorated, you can save a bundle on your decorating budget by booking here too!

7. Palais Royale is a classy choice.

If you love the idea of enjoying views of the water, book their large outdoor double patio. This place has a classy old-world urban vibe and makes for a memorable venue for hosting your wedding.

Great Choices for your Toronto Wedding Venue!

After you've finalized your choice of wedding venue - there are so many options that you're bound to find one that you like - it's time to move on to other details like favors, gifts, and wedding supplies all available in Toronto! Online shopping is easy and In Casa Gifts ships daily to Toronto and carries a larger selection of favors, gifts, wedding supplies and decorations than any local store. It's totally Canadian with most items shipping from Canada!

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