How to Find Cheap Wedding Favors in Canada

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How to Find Cheap Wedding Favors in Canada
Anyone who's ever planned a wedding reception can tell you, finding cheap wedding favors in Canada and the US is a big deal when trying to keep costs within your budget. Weddings today can easily spiral out of control and put a couple into debt before they even get to the alter. Rather than taking out a loan, selling blood, or getting a third job to pay for the wedding of your dreams, focus instead on how you can spend less and still get what you want. Importantly, get an idea of what a wedding budget typically looks like in Canada. Here's the number one golden rule: don't pay full retail price. But how, you say? Patience dear :) , the path to enlightenment lies ahead so read on.

Cheap Wedding Supplies

While most people are shopping for cheap supplies to stay within their budget, others are in it for the thrill of the hunt. You bargain hunters know who you are. When you hear the words “sale”, “free”, “cheap”, and “clearance”, your heart skips a beat and you feel your adrenaline start to flow. You've been bitten by the shopping bug. For the record, the word “cheap” is often used interchangeably with the word “inexpensive”. It's not a commentary on the quality at all. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on junk. Everyone want the best quality for their money, and you should expect no different. Being a frugal shopper means you also have to be a smart shopper. Don't give up quality for price unless you can live with the results.

Find Cheap Wedding Favors in Canada Online

A great source for bargain wedding favors is online, not that frou frou boutique in downtown Toronto (that also carries the same stuff...maybe with a fancy bow on it!). You can find products of comparable quality to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, and normally, for a better price as online sellers don't have a storefront, display cases, salespeople, and commissions/incentives to pay out. This means they can sell comparable products (and sometimes identical ones) for a lower price and pass these savings onto you, the consumer.   Additionally, if you find an identical item for sale at a lower price elsewhere, be sure to ask about price-matching policies. Oh, and "bomboniere" is a fancy way of saying wedding favors, yet sometimes they're higher end favors which is typical of European cultures. The key is to ensure the online retailer is "legit" so check to ensure they're a reputable wedding vendor and stand by their products.  The "real" online shops have "real" customer service and display their contact information clearly. In Casa Gifts, for example, designs and manufactures some a line of it's very own products which drives consumer costs down. Of course, do  familiarize yourself with their return policies and procedures before completing your purchase to avoid any surprises later. If you're unsure about the quality of the favors that you're considering, look for online customer reviews to help separate the gems from the junk. Another major red flag that you should be watchful for when buying from an online vendor is if their prices seem too good to be true. This can (but not always) be a sign of inferior merchandise being passed off as something better. Fortunately, there are fewer and fewer of these shady sites around as the internet has become more mainstream and customers have become more internet savvy.

Find Cheap Wedding Favors in Canada By Focusing on Sales, Discounted, and Clearance Promotions

Everybody loves a sale! When buying your favors, check out which items the shop has marked as promotional, discounted, and clearance. There can be some real gems here that can be had for a great price, but it may take some patience and perseverance to find what you want, in the quantity that you want. Often, you'll see wholesale pricing on clearance priced favors, particularly when purchased in bulk...

Buy in Bulk

Whether you're shopping online or in-store, buying in bulk can be a great money-saving strategy. The more you buy, the lower your per unit cost can be. Be sure to ask the retailer if they offer a bulk discount as they may have a policy in place but they don't advertise it. If you don't ask, you may not get it so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking this important question to each and every retailer that you encounter. There are some stores that specialize in bulk sales so it's worth doing a little research to see if there are any retailers that ship to your area. They may require a minimum quantity to be ordered but it's normally within an acceptable range for a large wedding anyhow.

Coupon Codes

Although the idea of “clipping coupons” seems outdated, coupon promotions are alive and well, and have been adapted for our modern, digital age. Today's electronic retailers only require that you enter a code to qualify for their special offer or discount. So put Google to work and find yourself some e-coupons. Any available coupon promotions are just a few mouse clicks away. Often, we put out coupon codes first to fans on Facebook!

Free Shipping

You can save some dough if you qualify for free shipping. This normally requires that your purchase order reaches a pre-determined dollar amount or threshold, and that your delivery address is within certain geographical boundaries. If there is a cost to ship it to your door, see if there's somewhere nearby that they ship for free, and make arrangements to pick up your order there instead. This may be a company store, a business affiliate or even a parcel service. You'll want to weigh the cost versus expense of picking it up (i.e. fuel, fees, time, etc.) to make sure this would be worthwhile.

Cheap Wedding Favors in Canada Are Attainable

As you can see, there are many ways to get cheap wedding favors in Canada (and the US) that are both inexpensive and good quality. It's may require doing a little extra work but the savings will be worth it. Remember to look at the TOTAL cost, ask for a bulk discount if it's not already advertised, and inquire about free shipping to your location. Buying favors on sale, in bulk, at wholesale prices, with coupon codes, and on clearance are all great money savers sure to please the bargain hunters and budget-conscious shoppers alike. Looking for the very best deal on wedding favors and need them fast? Start shopping now!

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