How to Make a Fashion Statement with Your Bridal Accessories, Hair and Makeup

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How to Make a Fashion Statement with Your Bridal Accessories, Hair and Makeup
Face it, wedding accessory shopping is the funnest part of wedding planning! With things like finding a great wedding venue, worrying about fitting into the dream wedding dress, and battling it out with your honey lover whether to have a full bar or just wine at the table makes you want to tear your hair out. A lot of wedding planning causes brides sleepless nights, but after the basics are squared away, the real fun begins—accessory shopping to put your fashion sense on full display.

Brides, how you will make your wedding day statement?

Are you a veil vixen or a comb queen?

2017-03 Wedding Hair and JewelryVeils are a classic topper that goes with any dress style. The variety of veil options available lets you emphasize your style, no matter what dress you choose. A retro blusher veil gives your guests the chance to see the exciting moment when your groom sweeps the tulle over your hair before your first married kiss. A cathedral-length veil, on the other hand, sweeps dramatically behind you as you walk slowly down the aisle toward your spouse-to-be. If your wedding theme is vintage or rustic, a birdcage veil might be the way to go, whereas a fairytale themed wedding begs for a long train. A veil typically looks best when it matches the shade of your dress perfectly, because it serves as an extension of the dress. Combs, barrettes, and other glittery trinkets are an alternative to the traditional full veil. Less is more when picking a hair ornament - many brides layer on too many hair gems and end up overshadowed by their coiffures. Deciding between a tiara and a fascinator after a long day of work would be impossible without bridal sites - especially if you live somewhere without many shopping options. Pick one bauble that compliments the lines of your dress, or combine it with a smaller veil (such as birdcage or angel-cut) for a showstopping style. And remember that  whether you're wearing your hair long or in an up-do, there are veils and combs that will complement your look.  Your hairstyle doesn't have to limit your choice in the slightest.  OH, and if you're feeling a little vixen, go for the sexiest of garters!


A statement necklace or long, sparkly earrings gussy up your outfit, particularly if you like simpler dress styles. Anything that bares a lot of skin on top, such as a strapless dress, begs for an interesting piece of jewelry to flatter your collarbones and neck. If you want to mix your metals, consider how they set off the dress and mesh with each other. For example, gold and copper look beautiful against whites, like ivory, that have a little bit of yellow in them. The more embellished your dress, the less jewelry you’ll need to look balanced. A dress covered in beads and flowers might look overdone with a long necklace draped over it.

Bridal Makeup IdeasMakeup

Whether you’re hiring a makeup artist or asking your younger cousin to paint you up on the big day, make sure you do a trial run first. Heavy eye makeup tends to be unflattering on brides getting married during the day; it’s a look better suited to nighttime events. Stick to pastels or light, creamy palettes for morning and early afternoon weddings, especially if you’re getting married outside. A fresh-faced impression is best; you don’t want raccoon eyes in your pictures after you’ve cried half your eyeliner off during the vows.

Sashes and broaches

If you’re set on a particular color theme, you might want to include it in your accessories, too. Lots of brides wear sashes to highlight their waists or just to make a dress stand out. You can also pin a broach on your dress, or on the sash, to add some sparkle. If you have a vintage piece of grandma’s hiding in your jewelry drawer, break it out now.

Wedding ShoesShoes 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue…it’s always fun to wear blue shoes on your wedding day as an homage to this old rhyme. Brides who grew up wanting to be swept away by Price Charming will also love the reference to Cinderella’s slippers. Your dress length will influence your shoe choice, as heels balance long dresses and add an extra touch of elegance to your outfit. You can get away with casual shoes if you’re wearing a long dress, especially if you’re on the beach, but why not wear something special from head to toe? You can wear flip flops any day of the week. Short dresses draw much more attention to your feet, as they’ll be on display 100% of the time. You can wear anything from boots to sneakers to sky-high stilettos, but make sure they match your dress and overall theme.

Have fun with your bridal accessories, hair, and makeup

You and your partner are the stars of your wedding, and all eyes are on you. It’s a great time to be brave and wear exactly what you’ve always wanted to. There are few chances in life other than your wedding day to wear such glam accessories, hair, and makeup. When everyone you know is admiring you for hours and a photographer is clicking away to capture tons of images of you, you’ll want to look your best!
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