Perfect Personalized Glass Wedding Party Favors

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Perfect Personalized Glass Wedding Party Favors
Personalized glassware favors like wine and shot glasses are perfect custom favors that will last. It's a timeless material that can be made into many different kinds of keepsakes, is perfect for engraving or printing with a heartfelt message, will never rust or tarnish, can't be damaged by water, and is much better for the environment than plastic.  Additionally, nothing else has quite the same brand of beauty as glass - the way its delicate surface reflects, refracts, and diffuses light just oozes elegance.  Perhaps best of all, they're practical and essential for enjoying a drink with friends! Can you say "shot glass favors" or "custom stemless wine glasses"! Here are some ideas to help you find personalized glass favors that are sure to be appreciated by your guests!

Consider the Recipients of the Party Favors

Consider whether or not your guests will prefer a purely decorative keepsake that will stand the test of time, or a favor that will double as something useful. There are many decorative glass trinkets that are great for guests who have the space and desire to display them.  And there are also plenty of options that are great for guests who are lean heavily towards practicality. For the practical guests on your list, consider these options: Wine glasses, rocks glasses, pint glasses, and shot glasses are enjoyed by almost everyone.  Most people aren't fussy and will appreciate any style - glass makes everything look good, after all! Vintage jar sets are great for storing spices, earrings, and other small items.  You can fill them with sweets as part of your gift, and when empty, your guests can repurpose them for some other use. Coasters are another winning idea for the practical people on your list.  Whether you choose to personalize them with an engraving to commemorate your special day, or not, they'll get plenty of use for decades in the homes of your guests.

Remember That Inexpensive Glass Wedding Favors Can Still be Chic and Stylish

When shopping for favors, it's important that you keep a close watch on your budget - and remember that a cheap price does not have to mean cheap in quality.  Nor does a cheap price mean you have to sacrifice style.  One of the best things about glass is that low-priced pieces don't give the impression of low-cost as long as you choose something fashionable.  With so many options on the market today, this isn't hard to do at all. Figure out how much you can afford to spend on favors, then divide that number by the number of guests you need to buy for.  Now that you know how much you can spend per favor, you can start shopping! Shot glasses, pint glasses, and votive candle holders can be had for a steal if you're on a tight budget.  Miniature mugs are another great choice.  Buy in bulk to cut costs even more.

Extravagant Glass Custom Wedding Favors

If you have more to spend, then go all out with something like a beautiful vintage glass flask or a coaster set.  All of these can be engraved with a message to commemorate your special event. And of course, there are all kinds of fabulous options for every budget in between.

Consider the Theme of the Occasion - Choose Unique Custom Glass Party Favors

When shopping for unique glass favors, remember that you can customize them to fit the theme of the occasion.  For example, at a Canadian winter wedding, you could gift your guests with a chic "HO, HO, HO!" stemless wine glass.  A rocks glass printed with the word "Thankful" would be a superb choice of favor for a fall wedding.  And a wine glass with a nautical print would be the perfect addition to a nautical-themed wedding, anniversary party, or bridal shower. Another popular customization for glass wedding favors is to print the initials or first names of the bride and groom on them.  If space allows, the date of the wedding can be included as an additional personalization.

Glass Personalized Wedding Favors are Good for More Than Just Weddings

Favors that are usually used for gifting to wedding guests can be also be given to guests at anniversaries and bridal showers. But when choosing the perfect favor, be sure to take into account the occasion. For a wedding celebration or anniversary party, favors should be suitable for people of any age or sex.  That being said, you may want to order special favors for any minors in attendance.  That will allow you to buy something like chic wine glasses (with or without the stem), or rocks glasses for the adults.  And you can choose something age-appropriate for minors (consider a sweet edible treat). Keep in mind that not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages - if this is the case for a large segment of your guest list, consider gifting them with a timeless glass mug to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in. Another idea that's much loved by guests of all ages is a classy favor jar filled with candy, chocolates, or nuts.  Tie a ribbon around them to jazz them up and add color!  If your budget allows, you can add a wrap around the jar so that the contents are a surprise for guests to discover when they open it. Bridal shower favors are often easier to choose because most people only include women at these events.  Most women love burning candles, so consider a votive candle holder.  If your budget can accommodate it, include a scented candle too!

Glass Personalized Wedding Favors Are a Timeless Choice

It's hard to beat glass when you're looking for a timeless favor that can fit any budget, and any theme.  But don't let yourself get overwhelmed by all the choices - you'll see that if you consider the likely preferences of your recipients, the occasion, and your budget, you'll quickly narrow your options down to a manageable number.  Buy in bulk to cut costs.  And don't be afraid to add some personality to your party favors with a classy custom print.  These are the things that make your choice in favor stand out from the rest!

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