Religious Party Favors for Everyone

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Religious Party Favors for Everyone
Religious celebrations are a special category of party events that for many, holds special meaning beyond all others. These are a time for closes family and friends to come together so choosing religious keepsake giveaways are an important detail. Regardless of what faith you follow, religious events can be a joyous occasion and a very special day for you and your guests (with ample religious gift options for all). Religious celebrations don't have to be restricted to the ones that are pre-printed on our calendars. They should include those smaller celebrations, personal religious sacraments, rituals and rites, as these are just as worthy and deserve a celebration all their own. Whether you're hosting a large gathering or a small, intimate party, consider making it extra special with some religious party favors. These decorations and thank-you gifts can add a personal touch to your table décor. With so many options available, you'll be sure to find party favors that best suit your celebration. Here's a sample of some faith-based events that you might celebrate, along with popular favors and decorating tips.

Religious Party Favors Suitable for Christian Celebrations

Baptism & Christening

Baptisms and christenings are truly special occasions as you welcome new members to your faith. An after-service party is a great way to share this day with loved ones. Whether you've organized a light tea or an elaborate meal, creating an attractive table setting should be a high priority. Some popular favors include little angel figurines, photo coasters, and candles. These adorable items will enhance your décor and make for a great take-home keepsake for your guests. White décor is a very popular colour choice and works well with any other colours that you may choose to add as well.

First Holy Communion (The Eucharist)

This is a very special occasion and an important sacrament, as a family member honours Christ's sacrifice for humankind. Celebrate this special day by having a great party to mark the occasion. An attractive table arrangement, as well as decorations sprinkled throughout the party space, provide a wonderful ambiance and your extra special efforts won't go unnoticed. Some popular party favors for this event are decorative crosses, candles, photo coasters, and etched glassware commemorating the event. With many options to choose from, from casual to elegant, there is something for every taste and budget.


Strengthening and deepening one's relationship with God is a wonderful reason to celebrate. Some popular religious favors for this event include candles and personalized favor containers. Although this can be a lesser celebrated ritual or rite of passage, you can still mark this important sacrament with a tasteful and personalized touch. Decorative crosses, angel figurines, and candle sets are popular Confirmation gifts.


Is there any greater religious gathering than a wedding? Many couples celebrate this union before God with hundreds of family members and friends. So many loving memories are made and shared, and wedding favors are often a treasured keepsake from these events. There are many party favors available to suit almost any theme that make excellent gifts. Popular favors are personalized etched stemware with the couple's names and the wedding date, personalized mint containers, monogrammed bottle stoppers, and religious candle sets.


Large family gatherings are a staple of this holiday, not only across Canada but in the United States as well. Family members come from far and wide, sometimes from across the globe, to celebrate this religious holiday with their loved ones. This is a great opportunity to mark this special event and provide your guests with a cherished memento to remember this time together. Celebrate Christ's birthday in style and make this year's gathering extra special with religious candles, photo coasters, and various decorative favors. These religious favors pair beautifully with many seasonal decorations and can add a special, personal touch to table settings and party spaces.


Yes, Easter is often associated with copious amounts of chocolate and coloured egg hunts, but adding some religious party favors to the mix reconnects the family to the true purpose of this holiday celebration, the Resurrection of Christ, our saviour. There are many party favors that blend these traditional and modern icons tastefully, and will enhance your decorating efforts. Popular favors like angel figurines, cross-shaped soap, and personalized glassware, are all wonderful additions to your place settings and overall décor. Mints in beautiful, personalized tins are a nice contrast to the sugary treats often served during this holiday.

Other Faith-Based Religious Party Favors

Jewish celebrations such as weddings, Channukkah, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah's are wonderful opportunities to gather friends and family for spectacular parties and making great memories. Thoughtfully selected party favors will also blend beautifully with any decorating theme. From frosted-glass candle votives, to personalized, etched glassware and photo coasters, there are so many decorative favors to agree with almost any budget. These special religious party favors make for great memento’s and lovely decorations, adding interesting character to any person's home. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and a day of joyous celebration in Muslim communities all around the world, including Canada and the United States of America. This is a time for sharing great feasts and celebrating together. Celebrate in style with beautifully decorated table arrangements and décor throughout your party space, along with thoughtful, religious party favors. There are many decorative favors to choose from such as personalized mint tins, frosted glass photo coasters, and decorative favor boxes to delight your guests. These items can be popular favor choices for Islamic weddings across North America as well, as they make both excellent gifts and table decorations.

Religious Party Favours for All Faiths

As you can see, religious party favors are great decorative items and gifts to enhance your celebrations and provide great keepsakes for your guests. Whether you're Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or of another faith, there are religious party favors appropriate for your religious celebrations. Adding that personalized touch can make your party extra special and provide great memories for your guests that they will treasure for a long time. If you're planning a religious occasion celebration, be sure to shop one of Canada's largest selections of religious party favors now!

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