Shopping Fabulous Wedding Favors - on a Budget

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Shopping Fabulous Wedding Favors - on a Budget
Wedding favours on a budget are absolutely doable whether yours is fit for a queen, or more modest. The trick is to take the time to think through the options, and yes, do a bit of math to make sure it all fits. You’ll be pleased to see that there are plenty of options in all price ranges, and lots of ways to save.

Decide how much you can spend on favors per party guest

If you start with this step, the rest of the process will go much more smoothly and take less time, so whatever you do, don’t skip this! Begin by looking at your wedding budget to see the total amount you can afford to spend on gifts of appreciation for your guests. Once you have that overall number, divide it by the number of people you expect to attend and you’ve got your budget per person. See? The math for this is quick and simple! Next, start browsing through the available options in that price range to see if you notice any good contenders.

Make your budget stretch by looking for sales

Whether you’re looking for premium favor giveaways and money is less of a factor (but still important), or you’re on the hunt for something more frugal, there’s always something to be gained by at least considering sale items. Look for discounts on things that are discontinued, seasonal, or even on sale for no reason at all. Start looking as far in advance of your wedding as possible because last minute shoppers don’t have the time to wait for items to go on special.
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Max out the savings by buying in bulk if you can

Already inexpensive items such as sweets, soaps, and candles can often be bought in bulk for a discount.  The same is true for DIY supplies such as favour boxes, gift tags, and packaging. And in many cases, the more you buy, the bigger the bulk discounts get.

Inexpensive items that guests adore

It’s a rare person that turns down a delicious treat, and your wedding guests will be no exception. Give them delicious candies or chocolates in pretty little packages you can put together yourself. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, bake up some brownies or other home-made treats that can be packaged in dainty decorative boxes, or wrapped in clear cellophane layered with tulle on the outside. To keep things simple, avoid baking items topped with soft frosting that can smear. And don’t make anything requiring refrigeration either, since keeping it cold on your wedding day is an extra worry you don’t need. Last, but not least, be sure to ask guests about any food allergies so you can warn them if your treats contain things they don’t tolerate. Better still, include an ingredient list with each package. Other inexpensive ideas are to treat them to relaxation through subtly-scented votive candles. Or give them the gift of fun with little containers of bubbles.

Expand your options by giving one favour per couple

There’s no rule saying that you absolutely must give one favour per guest. In fact, a recent trend in the wedding world is to give one favour per couple instead. This will allow you to spend more per gift and unlock a wider selection of options for your consideration.

Make an impact by giving premium practical gifts

There’s a growing preference for premium, practical gift-giving to guests. Look towards things they can use again and again in the years that come after your wedding, such as olive oil and vinegar dipping plates, cheese boards, or home decor items. Also consider giving them something to remember the fun of your wedding that’s practical because it doubles as home decor: photo frames and albums are a popular choice.

DIY packaging can cut your costs

Regardless of whether you’re spending $5 or $50 per favour, you can have a lot of fun and make your money go further by taking care of the packaging yourself. Candies and candles can be wrapped in tulle, accented with pretty ribbon to hold it in place. Decorative gift boxes can be had for favours of all shapes and sizes — and same as for tulle-wrapped gifts, don’t forget to tie a ribbon around the box for an elegant effect. Writing on your own gift tags adds a warm, personal touch and is less costly than customized pre-printed ones.

Fabulous wedding favours on a budget can be yours

The ideas above were just to get you started, and hopefully inspired you to look in new directions you hadn’t thought of before for even more possibilities. Remember to run through the numbers first (budget per guest) so you don’t waste time looking through options you’ll never choose anyways. There are awesome options for every budget, big or small — the time you put into choosing the perfect gift will not go unnoticed by your guests, and will contribute to a wedding they’ll look back on fondly.
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