The Best Gifts for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

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The Best Gifts for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers
Choosing your wedding party comes with one very important and honoured tradition: choosing gifts for the people you’re asking to stand beside you on your wedding day! Thinking of great gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen might seem easy enough. After all, they’d likely be interested in almost anything you are. But what about the mini people in your bridal party? Your flower girls and ring bearer might have a few different interests than your friends. So what do you get as a gift for them? The choices are nearly endless! Read on to see our awesome suggestions for gifts that will make your flower girl and ring bearer bounce with excitement!

Top Gifts for your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer:

For the Ring Bearer:

Personalized mini baseball bat, hockey stick, football or baseball for the sports fans

‘Ring Security’ badge & T-shirt to help them look official in their role

A cool tie that will make your little guy feel grown up and help him fit in with groomsmen

A model stretch limo to help them remember their fun ride

For the Flower Girl:

‘I’m the Flower Girl’ T-shirt so she can show her pride everywhere she goes

A pretty purse to carry with her party dress for the night

A custom necklace and/or bracelet will look beautiful with her dress

A matching dress or nightgown for her and her favourite doll or teddy to keep her styling even after the party is over

An engraved or decorated jewelry box to keep all her jewelry and treasures safe

Gifts that Work for Both Roles:

  • A fun beach towel will make your summer wedding and their summer vacation a blast
  • Personalized insulated tumbler or water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the big day, and the days following
  • An engraved pewter piggy bank will make a lifelong keepsake and a place to store their pennies
  • A personalized tote or backpack to bring their snacks and toys along on your wedding day in case they want to play
  • A good book with a family or wedding theme to carry the memories of the day home with them
  • A great snack box to keep them entertained and fed on the wedding day
  • Disposable cameras to take photos throughout the day. At the end, get the camera developed and make a photo album for them!
  • A new doll or stuffed animal to walk them down the aisle in case they are shy about walking down alone
  • A new blanket for their bed for a nice cuddle on a cold night
  • Wedding themed Lego sets so they can re-enact their special role
  • Posters or photos for their bedroom wall of something they love
  • A day out with you at dinner and a movie or an entertainment center

So Many Ideas, So Little Time to Shop!

Shopping online is something that has taken over the game, so check out some Canadian websites like In Casa Gifts to find the perfect gift for the kids in your wedding party! Doing your shopping online saves you from running from store to store trying to find the perfect gift, and lets you dedicate more time to things like settling on a theme and choosing your décor.

Gifts that show you appreciate them

Choosing gifts for your flower girl and ring bearer might seem like a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure of some of their specific interests. Go with something mentioned on this post to wow the kids and help them keep the memories of the day fresh! A well-chosen gift shows them you appreciate their help on your wedding day and can help them get excited to take on their role.

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