The Best Time to Get Married (in Canada)

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The Best Time to Get Married (in Canada)
If you start asking people when they think is the best time to get married in Canada, you’ll likely get quite a few varied responses. And the truth is, there really is no ‘best’ time to get married! It really all comes down to what YOU want from your wedding day. Do you want a warm day with a beachside ceremony? Or a cozy event at a mountaintop villa? Choosing the perfect time to get married in Canada is a truly personal choice that you have to think on and decide together! To help you out we’ve put together a list of some fun ideas for each season, and maybe they will help you narrow down your options.

Wedding ideas for each season in Canada

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Spring is a beautiful time for a wedding. The budding flowers, blooming orchards and the sight of snow giving way to fresh green grass is perfectly symbolic of the transition into marriage. If symbolism is big for you, a spring wedding might just be the perfect choice for your nuptials.

Embrace the bloom – choose a local botanical garden or park full of flowers to serve as a done-for-you décor scheme during your ceremony and reception.

Play with your colour scheme – pastels seem to be the standard for spring weddings, but have some fun with this and include one or 2 brighter pops of colour along with a pale, Easter-y hue.


The warm weather and long days of summer are a great choice for a wedding. Not to mention, choosing a dress is easier since you don’t have to worry about bundling up for the cold weather!

Hit the beach – If you live in a town near water, summer is the best time to take advantage of the warm weather and beautiful backdrop that a waterfront venue will give you.

Drink up – Are you a couple who enjoys visiting wineries? Late summer is the best time to host a wedding at a winery! The vines will be ready for harvest so they will offer a beautiful setting for photos and a stunning backdrop as you say your vows and dance the night away.


As the leaves change colour and start falling your options for wedding venues change too. Though early fall is still a beautiful time for an outdoor wedding as the days move on you may that an indoor one suits you better.

Visit an orchard – As harvest season begins, fruit trees are covered in green leaves and fruits ready for picking. The backdrop provided by an orchard will give you perfect photos, too!

Perfect temperature – In early fall, the temperature is excellent for an outdoor wedding. The heat of summer has passed, but the chill of winter hasn’t fallen yet. Plus, the changing leaves are a built-in décor choice.


The beauty of a winter wedding in Canada is that it is often considered off season, so you may be able to get your venue for a more budget-friendly price than if you had chosen it in the summer! A winter wedding also gives you a chance to create an event that your guests likely haven’t experienced before at a summer wedding.

Ski into wedded bliss – Hold your wedding at a cozy ski chalet so you can hop off the mountain and onto the aisle. Or, maybe do it the other way around and spend your honeymoon hitting the slopes together.

Plan a destination wedding – Ready for a fun winter getaway? Plan your wedding at a sunny, warm and beachy destination!

Bring the snow indoors – Create a winter wonderland indoors for your wedding! It’s likely too cold outside to have your wedding out there, but there’s nothing saying you can’t decorate the inside to look the same!

Choosing the perfect season is a personal choice

Whatever season you choose to have you wedding in, no doubt it will be the perfect choice for you. After all, Canada offers brilliant options in all four season! No one can tell you when the right season is because everyone has different ideals for their wedding day. Before you pick a date and start planning, decide what kind of wedding you’d like to have and call around to get some available dates and prices. You may end up deciding on something you didn’t think you’d consider when you started!

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