Tips for Planning Your 2021 Wedding

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Tips for Planning Your 2021 Wedding

While this year has been anything but ordinary, your impending nuptials likely mean you’re ready to get back onto the wedding planning wagon and put the craziness of this year behind you. However, with so much uncertainty it can seem overwhelming to plan a wedding when you don’t know how the next year will play out. Despite all of this, there is no reason to put off the excitement of planning your wedding! If you approach things the right way, all the planning you do now will help you pull of the wedding you’ve dreamed of, no matter what happens between now and then. 

How to plan an awesome 2021 wedding

Get comfortable with Zoom
Not only are these tools a great way to stream your actual nuptials to an expanded invite list, you'll provide a safe option for those not able or comfortable traveling. Also, it's a great way to stay on the same page as your bridal party. You can host regular meetings as your wedding date nears to help everyone share ideas and get to know each other.
Create a tiered guest list
In normal times you could sit down with your honey and make your guest list solely based on who you want to join in your special day. But with the current trend of ever-changing guest limits, you’ll want to take the time to make a few different levels of guest lists. Start with everyone you want there, if no government limits apply. From there you can narrow it down to lists of 25 and 50 so that if allowances do change, you’re not scrambling to decide who to include. Depending on the situation as your wedding day nears, you may even want to decide who your top 10 guest choices would be.
Set a date later in the year
If you can, choosing a date later in the year might help increase your chances of having your wedding go off just as you’ve planned it.
Book your vendors ASAP, but understand their cancellation or rescheduling policy
After a year of putting things off many times over, you should lock down your vendors as soon as you can. With so many weddings and events being rescheduled to 2021 many vendors are likely to book up more quickly than they normally would. However, make sure you’ve inspected your contract to understand exactly how they deal with cancellations and rescheduling, just in case things don’t go the way you hope they will.
Expect shipping delays
With manufacturing and shipping delays being a common theme in 2020, you’ll want to decide on your wedding favours, invitations and decor sooner rather than later. You’ll also want to keep these potential delays in mind when deciding what gifts to give your wedding party and which table décor to go with. Manufacturing delays can also affect the delivery of your wedding dress and bridal party outfits as well!
Have a backup plan
No matter how well you plan everything, you never know what the future will hold! So, when planning your 2021 wedding make sure you have a back up plan for everything you can. When you have an idea ahead of time how you’ll handle certain roadblocks, they become much easier to handle when they come up.

Know that weddings are just going to look different for awhile

Whether you like it or not, weddings are no doubt going to look different for the next year or two. If you’re not willing to reconsider the buffet dinner, be confined to a small guest list or deal with potential last-minute changes, you might want to consider holding off on picking a date. Use this time to enjoy being engaged and take your time with the planning process. You won’t regret the opportunity to spend more time cruising Pinterest for DIY décor or choosing the perfect gifts for your wedding party

2021 is the perfect year for a wedding!

Though you might be feeling bummed about having to postpone your 2020 wedding or adjusting your ideas for a 2021 one, there’s still plenty to be excited about! As long as you go into the planning process knowing that you might have to do some things differently, you’ll have no trouble planning the perfect wedding for yourself and your honey.

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