Top 5 Winter Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas and Party Favors

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Top 5 Winter Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas and Party Favors
Let's face it, as Canadians and  most Americans (in the Norther part of the country) can attest, you can either embrace winter in all its natural splendour or hibernate. Ok, as tempting as that second choice may seem at times, it's not really an option. What is fun is planning a winter wedding or Holiday party! If you're planning a wedding this season or charged with the company Christmas party event (or just hosting friends at home), then this is for you! Here we share the top five winter and holiday wedding decorating ideas, plus winter wedding favors.

Winter and Holiday Wedding Décor and Party Favors

Winter weddings can be quite magical in their own right. When it comes to decorating, you've got some supernatural help on your side. Mother Nature has looked after the outdoor portion, covering everything in a white fluffy blanket, giving you a beautifully fresh and clean canvas to work with. That leaves you in charge of indoor décor - easy right? Here are 5 decorating ideas to get you started.
  1. A Winter-Inspired Theme is the Perfect Match

Fully embrace the season with a winter-themed wedding. There are many iconic symbols that can be used tastefully to set the mood and turn your wedding into a winter paradise. Snowflakes, icicles, winter sports, and snow sculptures are all wonderful images that work nicely with this theme. These elements can be displayed on stationary, as part of your centerpieces, and reflected in your choice of favors and gifts.  Imagine your winter wedding theme with cozy snowflake-embossed tea light candle holders on every table, snowflake napkin rings, and iridescent snowflakes hanging throughout the venue.
  1. Winter and Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas Begin With Appropriate Colours

The natural choice is to go with a white and blue colour pairing which provides a classic look and matches your theme's décor and favors beautifully. However, there is no rule saying that this is the only choice available. Some other great colours that are stunning with this theme include forest green, gold, silver (or platinum), rich red tones, or any combination of these seasonal colours. The only “rule”, if it can be called that, is to try to stick to solid colours rather than pastels as these are usually reserved for spring-inspired themes. 
  1. Fantastic Winter Wedding Party Favors

Some wonderful and popular wedding favors include “Angel Kisses” Cherub Snow Globes, snowflake napkin rings, “Shimmering Crystals” mini photo frame and place card holder, wine bottle stoppers, frosted snowflake glass coasters, snowflake cookie cutters, and “Winter Lights” snowflake tea light candle holders. These great favors can be wrapped in snowflake favor boxes with an elegant white ribbon bow, or placed within a tasteful, seasonal gift bag.
  1. Winter Wedding Cake Toppers

The winter wonderland wedding couple figurine and skiing porcelain toppers are beautifully detailed - either one will make a wonderful addition to your celebrations. These can be customized for hair colour and ethnicity to best suit the couple's likeness. You can personalize cake toppers to suit your style and taste. There are many great stylized cake toppers available if figurines aren't your thing. These white, stylized toppers are beautifully sculpted and all work great with a winter-themed wedding as well.
  1. Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas

The winter season is home to holidays of all kinds. There are many favors available to make it extra special with gifts like scented cross soap, Damask party dishes, “Frosted Elegance” black and white tea light candle holders, “Holiday Wishes” snowflake spreaders, and lovely, sparkling floral votive candle sets. These favors really add sophistication and style to any décor. Whether you're looking for winter party favors or accent decor, setting up a wintry presentation is a snap!
Read on for more great winter planning ideas and unique these top 5 winter wedding ideas, too!

Winter and Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas Summary

For some people, winter can be cold, bleak and make them want to crawl up into a ball and hibernate until the springtime. For others, winter is a grand celebration, a wonderland marked by spectacular scenery, enjoyable seasonal activities, and joyous gatherings with friends and family. If you're planning a winter wedding or holiday celebration, it's fair to say you're the latter. Make your party spectacular with a winter-inspired theme, fabulous party favors, wedding decorations, and the warmth of friends and family. Don't forget to invite those seasonal shut-ins as well; they just may learn to love winter as you do. Happy decorating and season's greeting to all.

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