Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

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Unique Winter Wedding Ideas
Winter weddings can be simply amazing. Although summer time may be a more common choice for a wedding, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome perks to planning a winter wedding! Not only might you get a great deal on an off-season venue rental, there are several areas in your planning process with which you can have fun. From your colour choices to your wardrobe, there are many ways you can embrace the winter season and tie it into your planning. Read on to see our suggestions for some fun winter wedding planning ideas!

Ideas for planning a unique winter wedding

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Wintry colour choices

Choosing your colour scheme is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when planning your wedding, and the choice may set the tone for the entire event. There are some colour combinations that seem to show up frequently when it comes to winter weddings, so it’s up to you whether you want to go for something a bit more out of the ordinary or not. A few possible combinations are:
  • Icy blue and wintery white
  • Dark maroon, dark green and gold
  • Royal blue, white and silver
  • Maroon, pale pink and silver
  • Deep red, silver and white

Décor ideas - Frosty or Warm

Decorating for a winter wedding offers a unique opportunity to play with the white backdrop that often accompanies the season. You can also make use of the typical cold weather and incorporate it into your special day.
  • Make your own folded snowflakes to decorate the room
  • Decorate real (or fake) Christmas trees for a festive touch
  • Create a warm-up corner around a portable electric fireplace with warm blankets and comfy chairs
  • Set up a hot chocolate or s’mores bar for your guests
  • Create a boozy hot chocolate as your signature drink

Lighting ideas

Your venue may come with its own lights, or you can have some fun with other lighting options to create a unique winter wedding. If your wedding is happening around the Christmas holidays you can incorporate some holiday touches like Christmas lights and decorated trees to light up the room!
  • Go wild with candles and mini string lights to create a wintery glow around the room
  • Use colour-coordinated Christmas lights
  • Bring in portable electric fireplaces to give a cozy feel throughout the hall
  • Give guests glowsticks for some fun on the dancefloor
  • Remember that it gets dark earlier in the day during the winter, so you’ll want a well-lit venue

Perfect winter wedding location

Find a location that highlights the season to help simplify your decorating process. Having a winter wedding means you can choose to have your ceremony and/or photos outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop, then move your wedding inside for the party.
  • Look for large windows with a snowy view
  • Set up fireplaces around the reception area or look for somewhere that has some built in
  • Maybe you know of a cozy chalet in your area
  • Talk to your photographer about some great places to take photos
  • If you have a local snow hill this would be a great place to host your ceremony or reception.

What to wear

Summer weddings might seem easier to plan when it comes to deciding what to wear, but a winter wedding gives the ability to bring in some really fun and unique wardrobe options.
  • Wear matching or colour coordinated scarves or shawls to keep warm
  • Choose boots for under your dress instead of fancy shoes
  • Go for dresses with long sleeves for yourself and bridesmaids
  • Gift your wedding party hand warmers and blankets for between shots and during the ceremony
  • Wear leggings under your dress
  • Choose coordinating faux fur wraps
  • Don’t forget to bring a thermos of hot chocolate (with or without some Bailey’s!) to warm up between takes!

Planning a winter wedding is fun!

While the general parts of planning a wedding won’t change much season to season, each season does offer an opportunity to highlight some unique aspects of that time of year. Winter weddings are a great choice, especially if you are trying to stay on budget!

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