Wedding Candy Bars Make Perfect Favours and Treat Table!  

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Wedding Candy Bars Make Perfect Favours and Treat Table!  
Candy bars are the perfect addition to any wedding! Not only do they offer a customizable favour for your guests, they also provide a beautiful décor piece to your reception. Candy bars are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding scene, so it’s fairly easy to find supplies and candy options to fit any theme. Whether it's gumballs or chocolates, it's all candy to us! Face it, we've such a sweet tooth we've talked about delicious candy for weddings before! Keep reading to see the 5 steps to take to make an amazing candy bar for your wedding!

How to create the perfect wedding candy bar

Decide on your theme & budget

Whether you want to focus on a certain colour scheme to match the wedding colours or a favourite candy type, now is the time to choose the theme of your candy bar. Do you want to do all bulk candy, and let the guests make their own bag? Or offer more individually packed candy that makes for easy grabbing? Your budget is also something that needs to be considered before you get too far. Candy bars can add up quickly, so you want to decide how much you’re willing to spend on this part of your wedding.

Pick out your candy

Now that you’ve chosen a theme or colour scheme it’s time to think about which candies to use. Some ideas are chocolate, hard candy, gummies, mints, gum, licorice, and cookies. Of course, there are many other ideas that you can use- as long as it fits your theme or colour scheme feel free to get creative!

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Consider using a variety of bulk candy (gumballs, sixlets & gummies), individually packaged candy (suckers and packaged mints or hard candies) and ‘fancy’ candy like cake pops, handmade chocolates or dipped marshmallows. Also consider the display you can create with the candies you choose- ‘stick’ candies like suckers or chocolate dipped pretzels look nice standing up in a jar, while sixlets are an attractive vase-filler. Choose a variety of different appearances for a great visual display. A good rule of thumb is to count on about 8 oz (1 cup) of candy per guest, plus one per guest of any ‘fancy’ items.

Choose your vessels

You’ll need a variety of jars and bowls to hold your candy. Look for visually appealing, clear glass containers of varying shapes and heights so you can create dimension on the table. Especially if the candy table is colour-themed, you want your guests to be able to see everything easily. Choose some with lids and some without to add variety, and to make suckers and packaged candies easy to grab. Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find these! Once you’ve chosen your candy and vessels you need to decide on scoops and tongs. You don’t necessarily need one per container, but make sure there’s enough that people won’t be searching for one.

Design your table layout

Figure out where your candy table will go and how much room you have. Setting up for a 4-foot round table is going to look different than if you’re using a rectangular table. Put taller jars and containers in the back with easy to grab treats like suckers. Bulk candy in these is just a recipe for disaster if people reach over to grab a scoop and bump something!

Add the finishing touches

Add some bling – Around the jars, on the table and on the handles of your tongs and scoops are great places to add a little sparkle. Find fun printables – Search online or create your own signs for the table and labels for each candy. Choose your favour bags or boxes –Search online or at your local craft store to see what suits your theme. From paper or organza bags to themed boxes, you can go budget friendly or over the top!

A candy bar is is perfect for wedding giveaways

Including a candy bar in your wedding is a fun way for your guests to interact with and remember your wedding day! Let guests gather their candy and create their own wedding favours! Though you already have a list of things to plan for your day, a candy bar is a fun break from the big decisions, and a great excuse to go taste testing (for the good of your guests, of course!).

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