Your Wedding in Ottawa - Tips for Planning a Day to Remember

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Your Wedding in Ottawa - Tips for Planning a Day to Remember
Your wedding in Ottawa will be an event that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to help make sure that everything about your special day in the country's capital is absolutely perfect (and remember, shop wisely)!

Choose Your Wedding Party In the Early Stages of Planning Your Wedding in Ottawa

Your wedding party needs to be chosen early on. First, you'll need to allow for plenty of time to go shopping for their wedding day finery, and secondly, they'll play an integral role in helping you to plan your wedding. They can be an enormous help with everything from brainstorming decoration ideas, to finding a venue, to mailing out invitations.

Purchase Your Wedding Dress Well in Advance

Once you've purchased your dress, you'll probably need to get some alterations done to ensure that it fits you perfectly - and this takes time to do. Sure, it's possible that you might luck out and find a dress that's perfect in every way including the fit, but the odds are against you. However, this fact of wedding day planning doesn't have to be a cause for stress. Having someone alter a dress to fit your body perfectly is a luxury that you won't get to experience often. So take this as an opportunity to fully enjoy this extra degree of pampering!

Planning Your Wedding in Ottawa Requires a Budget

Unless you're lucky enough to have a money tree, you'll have a finite amount of funds available for spending on your wedding day. So before you get too deep into the planning process, come up with a budget that won't leave you staggering under the weight of trying to pay off the cost of your wedding after the big day. The best way to handle this for a low-stress planning process is to budget to spend only that which you can afford to pay off before your wedding day even arrives.

Choose an Ottawa Venue and Caterer

The cost of the venue and caterer are going to make up one of the larger portions of your wedding day budget. However, with so many options available, you're sure to find something that works for you. Budget-conscious brides who want a large wedding should consider renting out a church hall or community club. Once they're decorated it'll be easy to forget that you're dancing the night away in a budget venue. The City of Ottawa offers some great wedding venues! On the other hand, if you have more to spend, then consider hosting your reception in the upscale Fairmont Chateau Laurier or even Strathmere.

Final Plans for Your Wedding in Ottawa

The wedding planning process won't be complete until you've taken care of all of the details for the finishing touches. This includes everything from decorations, to gifts, and more. Now how you go about this is up to you. You could spend your days off work, and evenings too, driving around the city to everywhere from the local PartyMart to specialty stores. But in the case of shopping for all of the finishing touches for your wedding, the easiest and least stressful way of going about it is to shop online. In Casa Gifts ships daily to Ottawa and carries a larger selection of party favors and supplies, wedding party gifts and decorations than any local store. How's that for making your life easy? In Casa Gifts is totally Canadian with most items shipping from Canada! Whatever you decide, be sure to enjoy your wedding planning process and take some time out from all the planning to enjoy the journey too!

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