Wedding Reception Decorations and Essential Accessories

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Wedding Reception Decorations and Essential Accessories
Now that the ceremony's over, it's time to celebrate with your friends and family with the biggest party imaginable. Most people would agree that this is the best part of the entire wedding day as they can let loose and have a great time. To make this party truly magical and spectacular, be sure to include these three essential components of your wedding reception decor.
  1. Wedding Cake Accessories

When you think of memorable wedding photos, an image of the happy couple cutting the cake is right near the top of this list. It's an iconic image from your wedding reception, as is the “couple's first dance” and “tossing of the bouquet/garter”. This tremendous attention given to the wedding cake mean that an equally important amount of thought and planning needs to go into the wedding cake accessories as well. Consider these top three priorities: personalized paper napkins, a cake serving set, plus the cake and/or cupcake display accessories.

i) Personalized Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are an essential accessory for this table setting, as your guests will want to keep their "Sunday Best” attire looking perfect all night. Sure, practically any napkin will do but this isn't just any event, this is your wedding! Make it extra special and memorable with personalized paper napkins with your names and wedding date printed on them. This adds class and is so much better than grabbing cheap generic napkins via a quick stop at Walmart between the ceremony and reception. Personalize your napkins with custom designs, monograms, or wedding logo designs to suit your wedding theme. In Casa Gifts carries a wide selection of colours and design options for your shopping pleasure.

ii) Cake Serving Sets

Unless you're planning on cutting your cake with a karate chop (not recommended by the way), you're going to need to invest in a cake serving set. There are many different cake serving sets to choose from, such as:
  • the Bridal Beauty Calla Lily set, with its beautiful flowers
  • the Bridal Tapestry set, with elegant white bows
  • the Calla Lilly set, featuring a decorative engraved lily in the handles
  • the Classic Double Heart set, with white ribbon and jewelled double heart decoration
  • the Decorative Fleur De Lis set, featuring this classic and noble French icon
  • the Diamond Clear Acrylic set for those who want to add some glitz and glamour
  • the Elegant Vintage Rose set for that classic, old world beauty
  • the Flower of Love In Romantic Red set, to add a splash of colour
  • the Porcelain set with embossed lace details, matches well with nearly every décor
  • the Sculptural White Tiger Lilies set, featuring this exotic flower on the handles
  • the Silver Plated sets with either diamond, elegant crystals, or various heart-shaped designs that add an ornate, yet understated, beauty to the handles
  • the Venice gold or silver sets with their European charm and style
  • or an elegant, vintage-inspired silver set

iii) Cake and Cupcake Display Accessories

Dress up those cupcakes with beautiful filigree paper wrappers to wow your guests. There are many styles available so it's just a matter of picking one that matches your décor. Display these tasty treats on some round or square foil wrapped cake boards for an eye-pleasing layout. Beautiful take-out boxes will provide your guests with the option to take some treats home.
  1. Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes toppers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You've got figurines, monograms, personalized acrylic, stylized, and wood veneer tops with a multitude of options available for each type. These toppers can be customized to create the perfect topper for your wedding.
  1. Wedding Reception Accessories and Stationary

Outfit your welcome table with the right accessories, including a decorative guest book, matching pen and holder set, and a wishing well. You may consider having some champagne flutes and bubbly available for your guests as they arrive. A fun activity to get your guests participating in the evening is to provide them with a disposable camera, so that they can capture some great and memorable images from their perspective. Provide a well-marked basket near the exit for your guests to deposit them here. 

Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas Triple Crown

These three decorating categories are essential in planning any wedding reception. Carefully plan your wedding cake accessories, cake topper, and personalized stationary to complement your theme. Shop wedding reception decor and accessories here...the best selection in Canada and the USA awaits!  

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