Wedding Stationery - Invitations are just the Beginning

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Wedding Stationery - Invitations are just the Beginning
Many brides enjoy choosing themed wedding stationery and other personalized details to add an extra wow factor to this important day. It’s a fun part of the planning process, and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked or left until the last minute. Look over this list and make sure you don't forget a single thing!

Wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations CanadaEvery guest will remember the day they received their invite if you take the time to make them extra special. Choose a colour and pattern that matches the theme colours being used for other wedding details. Your choice of font will help set expectations for what to expect from the big day. For example, formal script suggests classic choices, whereas whimsical lettering hints at fun surprises to come.
Looking for wedding stationery in Canada and want a one-stop-shop?  At In Casa Gifts, brides shop all the wedding stationery essentials including themed stationery collections at budget prices! Our customization tools means you personalize your invitations, RSVP's, Save the Date cards, etc. so they're perfect - for you!

Wedding fans

Personalized Wedding Hand Fans CanadaAnyone who’s ever attended a wedding ceremony in an old church without air-conditioning on a hot summer’s day can attest to the fact that having fans provided would have made all the difference. This thoughtful item is a nice detail to show your guests that you value their comfort. Best of all, these wedding fans can be personalized to show off your spare-no-detail wedding while staying on budget (yes, they're paper stationery, not silk!). Arrange them in tasteful baskets at the entryway to the ceremony so everyone in attendance can help themselves. Now that's wedding ceremony planning at its finest!    

Wedding programs

Wedding Programs CanadaTake the time to print wedding programs so your guests will know exactly what to expect in terms of timing and scheduling. Arrange for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to pass them out to guests as they arrive, or, leave them in baskets at a welcome table near the entrance to the venue. Attention to detail when it comes to choosing the look and content for your stationery will be much appreciated by your guests. Most people attending a wedding not only want to celebrate the union they’re witnessing but also hope to have an experience made extra special by the thoughtful, creative details that go into a day of this magnitude.    

Finishing touches for your reception

Candles on your dining tables are a must — the warm glow feels welcoming and cozy, not to mention the fact they are commonly used to mark a very a special meal. But most people don’t know you can dress them up with custom luminary wrappers. Imagine the possibilities! Custom Wedding Menu Cards Canada To ensure every guest gets their fair share of wine and cocktails being served, distribute personalized drink tickets (dollar store generic tickets are so 1999 — so avoid using those). And if you choose to provide a bottle of wine on every table, make them extra special and memorable with personalized labels. You have a wide latitude for creativity here. Some people choose to keep it simple with the date of the wedding. Others like to put the names of the guests who will be sitting there, or a meaningful quote on the label. More important items for the reception include printed menus and table numbers. When you distribute wedding favours to your valued guests, don’t settle for generic wrapping that could have been for anyone’s wedding. Instead, make it personal and use custom wrapping that has the bride’s and groom’s names on it, along with the date of this wedding. For the favours themselves, consider adding custom labelling or personalized tags showing what’s inside.

More additions to your wedding stationery

Other items that are fun to have are personalized water bottle labels, and window clings (or signs) to point guests in the right direction when they arrive at the ceremony and reception. After the big day is behind you, you’ll need personalized stationery to write your thank-you notes on, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy custom envelopes.

Wedding stationery should never be overlooked

With all the effort and time that goes into planning your wedding day, the last thing you want is to leave things incomplete due to forgetting important finishing touches such as stationery.  Make a list of all the items mentioned above that you haven’t purchased yet, then start shopping! If your list is long, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all at once. Take care of one item at a time and you’ll be amazed by how easy it seems when done that way. A final tip is to start looking for these items early enough to take advantage of sales and special offers that may come up.

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