Wedding Stationery - Planning the Details with Stationery Supplies You Need!

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Wedding Stationery - Planning the Details with Stationery Supplies You Need!
When planning your wedding it’s easy to get caught up in the bigger things like choosing your venue, DJ, menu and centerpieces. There are so many pieces to put together to ensure your perfect day goes off without a hitch! But there is one important part that will have a place in nearly every part of the big day… your wedding stationery! From the invitation to the thank you cards, your stationery will help sent the tone for your big day, and get your guests excited for what’s to come. Wedding stationery isn’t just invitations though. There are many other things to consider. Keep reading to get all the details that will help make this part of the planning process a cinch!

Wedding Stationery Breakdown

Before the wedding

Even before you start planning your wedding there are a few optional pieces of stationery you may choose to send out to your guests. These may include:
  • Engagement Party Invitations
  • Bridal party invitations
  • Bachelor(ette) party invitations
  • Save the date cards

Stationery for your wedding day

Ceremony booklet –This is where you can share the names of your bridal party, the name of your officiant, what songs will play and in what order things will happen.

Make this booklet a keepsake by including some quotes or poems, tributes to loved ones or a thank you to parents or guests.

Reception program – Another optional part of a wedding stationery set is the reception program. You can give guests an idea of how the night will unfold by giving a schedule for meal time, speeches, dances, cake cutting and anything else you have planned. You can create a program that is printed and placed on each table, or create something on a blackboard or poster at the entrance to the venue.

Seating Plan – Whether you have assigned guests to a specific seat or just assigned tables, you’ll need a way to let them know where they are sitting. This is most commonly something that you’d have on display at the entrance to the venue.

Table numbers & place cards – When you have a seating plan, you need a way for guests to find their way to their seat. Using table numbers and place cards that correspond with your wedding stationery gives a nice touch to your wedding.

Menu – Ideally both a plated menu and a buffet meal will have a printed menu. These printouts or placards can indicate any dietary concerns and may be placed at each seat, on a sign at the front of the room, or in front of each item on the buffet table.

Optional wedding stationery:

After the wedding

Thank You Cards

Shortly after your wedding you’ll send out thank you cards to your guests, thanking them for attending your wedding and for their gift. This is also a good way to thank your bridal party and flower girl for taking part.

Wedding Announcements

If you had a small wedding or eloped you can use these to announce your wedding to friends and family that didn’t attend.

What to include in your wedding invitation

Within your wedding invitation you’ll likely include most or all of these features:

Wedding Invitations – Naturally the most important piece of the invitation set is the invitation itself! Choose stationery that aligns with the type of party you are having to give your guests an idea on how to dress and what to expect, so consider this when picking out your design.

RSVP Cards – Current trends are leading towards online RSVPs, but you may want to have a paper copy instead.

Maps, directional signs & accommodation information – Especially important for out of town guests, you’ll want to include any maps needed to get to the ceremony and reception locations, accommodation recommendations, suggestions of things to do during down time (like when you are busy doing photos) and any other information you think might be helpful.

Wedding weekend itinerary – If you have other activities planned for before or after your wedding, this is an ideal way to let your guests know. From a welcome party, rehearsal dinner or a BBQ the day after, including an itinerary for guests can help them to ensure they can be there for the whole event. This is especially important for any out of town guests, or if your wedding is a destination event.

Choosing wedding stationery doesn’t have to be a complicated task

Take a few minutes to think about what sort of event you want to have and what colours you might feature, then take a look at some of the sets available online. From florals to elegant scrolls, there are no limits to what you can choose for your wedding stationery!

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