When only a Personalized Gift for your Wedding Party will Do!     

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When only a Personalized Gift for your Wedding Party will Do!     
Giving your wedding party a gift to show your thanks for their support is a long-standing tradition, so you’re no doubt already puzzling yourself on what is the perfect gift to give. Your wedding party likely consists of friends and family who have stood by you throughout the years so no ordinary, basic gift will do. But what is the perfect gift to give? Something personalized, of course! Whether you’re looking for something for the guys or the ladies, we have you covered with gifts that can be personalized with names, dates, fun nicknames or the perfect saying or quote! Show your wedding party just how much you care with one of these personalized wedding gifts for either side.

Top Personalized Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Many of these gifts will work for both sides of your wedding party, so use these ideas to get creative and find a gift that suits your group!

Gifts for Men

BBQ tools

Perfect for the home cook or perpetual entertainer, a set of personalized BBQ tools is a great gift to give the men in your wedding party! Choose a complete set or a fun themed spatula, and give your groomsmen the gift of summer cooking.

Engraved Lighter or Flask

Inviting a fun-loving group to join you on your wedding day? Gift them with a personalized lighter or flask to help them carry the party with them from pre-wedding fun all the way to the end of the night.

Beer Mug/Glass

From funny sayings to a personalized memory of your special day, a beer mug or highball glass is an excellent choice for a gift. And one they can use all night long!

Cuff Links

Help his half of the wedding party show up in style with coordinated, personalized cuff links! Add to this with a personalized belt buckle or handkerchief for their suit pocket. Your groomsmen will walk down the aisle in style!

Pocket Watch

Keep your guys on time throughout the day with a stylish personalized pocket watch. You can have it engraved with your wedding date, their position in your wedding party or a favourite common joke or nickname so that they will remember your day every time they check the time.

For Girls/Women

Wine Glasses

Give your toasts in style with matching personalized wine glasses for your wedding party. Incorporate a personal touch to each so they can be reminded of the fun day for years!


Give your girls a gift they can carry down the aisle and hold dear for years to come with a personalized necklace that adds style to their bridesmaid dresses. This is a great gift for the younger members of your team, too!

Tote or Cosmetic Bag

Your girls will be arriving the day of your wedding with arms full of clothing, jewelry, water bottles and makeup, so gift them a personalized tote bag to carry everything in. And what girl doesn’t have use for an extra make up bag with her name on it?

Jewelry Box

Memories will live on forever, especially with this beautiful reminder sitting on her dressing table. A personalized jewelry box is a thoughtful gift for any wedding party.

Personalized T-Shirt or Robe

Help your team get ready in style! Gift them matching, personalized t-shirts, tank tops or robes! You’ll love getting ready together wearing matching ‘Bride tribe’ outfits!

Personalized wedding party gifts are the perfect way to say thank you

Planning a wedding can get hectic and overwhelming at times, with what seems like a constant stream of things to do and stuff to pay for. Throughout the craziness of planning your wedding, your wedding party is there to help you make decisions and nail down details. Not to mention how much support they’ve given you throughout the years! A personalized wedding gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Use this list to get some ideas to come up with the perfect gift for your loved ones, and help them carry the memories from your big day with them for years!
Let us help take the stress out of gift giving by choosing one of our top personalized wedding party gifts, so you can focus on the bigger things!

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