Why Candles Are a Smart Choice for Wedding Favors

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Why Candles Are a Smart Choice for Wedding Favors
To thank your guests for coming to celebrate your day of romance and love, it is important to offer them a small gift at the reception. In all of the planning stages prior to getting married though, it can be difficult for the Canadian bride and groom to choose the right gifts to offer to their guests, especially since there is such a large variety of them now available from wedding stores all over the world.

A Classic Favourite

Candles are one of the best wedding favors to have at your reception. There is nothing quite as romantic as a flickering candle at night and you can let your guests share in the love and togetherness felt at your wedding by giving them their very own candle to take home and use afterwards. After all, everyone loves a bit of romance, meaning that these gift ideas will be a surefire hit. Whether your guests are married, dating or single, there will definitely be a time in the future where they will require the soft light of a flickering flame. These types of gifts are also recommended because they can complement the wedding table decor that you have chosen to use during the big day. If you opt to have candles on the tables at your wedding reception, why not include a few of them as presents to thank all those who have attended as well? In this way, you can accomplish two goals at the same time. Find the perfect decorations for your marriage ceremony and purchase gifts that everyone will love without having to visit two different stores.

An Ideal Fit

Candles are also very versatile and fit in with a variety of wedding types. Whether you are getting married outdoors in the Canadian Rockies or are hosting a more formal hotel reception in Toronto, you can find candles that will enhance the atmosphere and make it even more romantic. From simple tea lights to elaborately carved wax sculptures, there is a large variety out there and you can certainly find a candle or two that matches perfectly with how you’ve envisioned your wedding.

Affordable Wedding Favours

Finally, candles are very affordable, allowing you to purchase gifts for everyone who attends the wedding and the reception without costing you a fortune. This is especially useful for those marriages where you are expecting a hundred or more people to attend, as you can then purchase something that is both meaningful and useful while still having enough money for other things. Candle wedding favors are certainly recommended for those on a tighter budget, but who still want to show their guests that they really appreciate them taking the time out to celebrate an important day of love and romance together under the one roof. If you have any special wedding day stories about candles and wedding favors, or if you would like to recommend anywhere in Canada that sells these types of gifts, please leave a comment for our readers below. Article: Courtesy CanadaWeds.ca - used with permission.

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