Why Olive Oil Dipping Plate Party Favours are All the Rage

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Why Olive Oil Dipping Plate Party Favours are All the Rage
When planning an event there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the idea of giving your guests a party favour as a thank you for coming. It can be hard to decide exactly what to give your guests, especially with so many options out there! One sure-fire party favour gift this season is an olive oil dipping plate. With today’s foodie culture only increasing, any food gifts are usually a safe bet. With an olive oil dipping dish, you have several options, not only in the actual design of the dish itself but also in what you can include with it. Read on as we tackle some of the biggest reasons why an olive oil dipping dish is a great choice for a party favour, and some ideas of what you can pair it with! 

Why Olive Oil Party Favours are the Best

A growing foodie movement

Food culture has never been as popular as it is now. Thanks to the world of social media and the trend of sharing photos of food all over the place, our collective love of food has never been so public. Thanks to this, party favours that center on any kind of food are hotter than ever!

Olive oil is delicious

With so many different flavour infusions and olive oil tasting bars popping up in city centers, olive oil dipping plates are a gift that anyone can use.

An easy to customize gift

Olive oil pairs well with a wide variety of things, so choosing an olive oil dipping dish as a party favour is a great place to start if you want to combine it with something else. From bread to vinegar, olives to fresh garlic, you can easily create a mini gift set for your guests.

Top Olive Oil Party Favours

Check out just a few here (and all the latest favorites here!):


“Taste of the Orchard” Oil-Vinegar Dipping & Appetizer Plate

Bomboniere Favor - Olive Oil Dipping Plates - Garlic Grater Plate

"La Panetteria" Bread Board with Dipping Dish

“Love Infused” Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

“La Fromagerie” Cheese Board & Spreader

“The Perfect Pair” Porcelain Spoon Rest

EV Olive Oil Dipping Dishes Gift Set of 2 - Oil Balsamic Dipping Plate Party Favor Gift Bomboniere

A heart themed olive oil dipping plate – Perfect for a party that is celebrating love or family, this dipping plate is a great way to tie your theme into your party favour with its heart indentation for vinegar.

A plate that combines olive oil and garlic – What compliments a delicious olive oil better than freshly grated garlic? This olive oil dipping plate that features a garlic grater is a tasty choice for any party favour.

A bread board and olive oil dish – If you’re in the mood to create a bit of a gift set with your olive oil dipping plate party favour, this bread board is the perfect size for a personal snack.

Honour the wineThis olive oil dipping plate features a bunch of grapes indented in the bottom to hold some balsamic vinegar.

Olives and olive oil – If you’re looking for an olive oil dish that pairs fresh olives with an olive oil & vinegar dip, this appetizer plate is a winning choice.

Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Olive Oil Party Favour

There are many ways that you can have fun with gifting an olive oil dipping plate. Whether you choose to gift the plate itself as its own gift, or package some goodies together as a gift set, here are a few suggestions that can help create that wow factor for your event.

Look for a local Olive Oil Tasting Bar

Pick up some fun flavours of olive oil to include with the olive oil dishes you’ve chosen.

Visit your local bakery

Pick out some tasty fresh bread so that your guests can get dipping! Choose fresh sourdoughs, French bread, whole wheat loaves and anything else that will dip well. Place in the center of tables for a DIY appetizer.

Set up an olive oil bar

The new craze in party favours is to offer some sort of ‘bar’ so that your guests can put together their own party favour. Set up an olive oil bar with assorted flavours of oil, different kinds of bread and some tasty balsamic vinegars so they can create their own snack.

Check out your local grocery store

Many grocery stores have a fresh olive bar, and those make the perfect accompaniment!

Olive Oil Dipping Dishes are a Great Choice

Choosing an olive oil dish as a party favour for your guests is a great and modern choice for your party. Include one of the many fresh foods we suggested above to turn it into a DIY appetizer and party favour in one!

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