Why Personalized Glassware is a Great, Practical Favour Idea!

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Why Personalized Glassware is a Great, Practical Favour Idea!

With so many options for wedding favours out there, it might feel intimidating to choose the perfect thank you gift for your guests. After all, no one wants to give a favour that is just going to end up in the junk drawer or donate pile!

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With epicurean favours becoming all the rage in 2021 we’re noticing a new trend growing along with that: personalized glassware! Giving your guests a thank you gift that you’ve taken the time to have personalized just for them can be just the ticket to winning the wedding favour game this year.

Top reasons to gift personalized glassware

There are many benefits to giving your guests personalized glassware, and many options that you can choose from when deciding exactly what to gift them.

Glassware is reusable
Glasses that your guests can take home and reuse are the perfect way to thank them for attending your wedding.
You can personalize to your interests (or theirs)
From the engraving itself to the style of glassware you can personalize every bit of this wedding favour. If you and your honey met in Germany you can choose beer steins for everyone or if you’re having a down south destination wedding maybe a shot glass with the destination on it is the perfect souvenir and favour.
It’s environmentally friendly
Rather than a gift with tons of packaging that may just end up in the trash bin the next day, a personalized glass is something your guests will actually use.
Glasses can be used to "Cheer" at the party
Nothing is more fun than being able to take group photos with everyone showing off their matching personalized glassware! You can include your glassware in your table setting for a great photo op for your wedding album as well.
Cut down on rental fees
Providing a glass for everyone to use the night of your wedding means you can likely cut back on some of the glassware rentals that you’d otherwise have gotten. If you tell everyone to hold onto their glass through the night you can help out your budget quite a bit! 

Top personalized glassware options

Though it is easy and perfectly acceptable to just pick the same glass for everyone, you can also opt to personalize the glass choice as well as the engraving. If you know your college girlfriends are all wine lovers but the guys are more into beer, have fun with it and pick a few different styles to hopefully give everyone something they’ll love!

Wine for her, scotch for him – If you know your guests have varying tastes you can opt for different glassware for each. Choose wine glasses for the ladies and pint or scotch glasses for the guys.

personalized wine glass favours


Beer steins all around – Reminiscing about where you met or planning a honeymoon in Europe? Go with something on theme like beer steins!
Plain Copper Moscow Mule Drink Stein Wedding Party Gift
Mason Jar mugs or glasses – A summer backyard wedding is the perfect setting for mason jar mugs. Switch it up by offering some with handles and some with lids and straws.
personalized mason jar wedding favours
Coffee mugs – If you’re hosting an afternoon wedding or know your family aren’t really drinkers, go for coffee mugs instead. Don't forget espresso cup sets - brilliant favours!
coffee espresso wedding favours
Champagne flutes – Mimosas always taste better in personalized champagne flutes! If you’re hosting a breakfast as part of your wedding these are the perfect way to serve that tasty morning treat.
Champaign flute personalized glasses
Shot glasses or candle holders – A great option if you’re not sure how alcohol centered gifts will go over, these shot glasses double as votive candle holders.
Shot Glass Wedding Favours
Coasters – Include a fun memory for your guests with these glass photo coasters that they can use at home.
Coaster Wedding Favours Canada


Personalized glassware is an awesome wedding favour

Choosing a fun wedding favour shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Afterall, it’s just a small token to show your guests thanks for celebrating your special day with you. Gifting them a personalized piece of glassware is a great way to gift them something useful and memorable!

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