Why Practical Tableware Favours Are All the Rage

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Why Practical Tableware Favours Are All the Rage
Choosing the perfect keepsake gift for guests might not be first on your wedding checklist, but it's likely the most important! It's the one tangible thing they'll take home - so make it a practical wedding favour! So, once you’ve sorted out exactly how many people your venue can hold and how many guests you want to invite, the next natural decision is just how to thank them for their support and love. Choosing wedding favours can be intimidating, but it’s still easier than making the guest list! There are so many options, and the last thing you want to do is choose something that will just end up hitting the garbage can weeks later. One sure fire wedding favour gift is to choose some sort of practical tableware that your guests can use regularly. Food-related gifts are easy to use, and will remind your guests of the fun they had at your wedding day every time they use them. Not to mention, they’ll constantly be reminded of your gratitude for their support! There's some amazing new European inspired bonbonniere you can shop these days.

Why practical wedding favours are the best choice

Practical wedding favours are really the way to go when it comes time to choose a gift to show your thanks. Choosing a favour that your guests can use during your wedding or take home and use in their own kitchen will have them thinking of you every time they use it!

How to choose the perfect wedding favours

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Mind your budget

Before committing to the perfect wedding favours, take a look at your budget and decide how much you want to spend per person. This will help you have a guideline of what you can look at, and make sure you stay on budget with your wedding.

Stay on theme

Tying your wedding favour in with your theme is a great way to ensure your guests remember the great time they had at your wedding. Whether you tie in your wedding colours, choose a gift that is related to your theme or just package each item in themed packaging, wedding favours can help double as décor!

Choose something practical

We’ve all attended weddings where most favours are left on the table, and the ones that are taken end up sitting in the back of a drawer or getting tossed on the donate pile. Choosing something useful ensures that the favours you send home with your guests will actually be used rather than forgotten about.

Make the packaging stand out

A well-chosen wedding favour can double as table décor, so choose your packaging with this in mind. Use your wedding colours and incorporate bits of your theme as you can. Planning a rustic wedding? Use twine to add a bow to each favour!

Shop wholesale

Buying wedding favours in bulk can often lower the price of each item, helping you to stay on budget.

Top Practical Wedding Favour Ideas

A cheese platter – Give each guest their own personal cheese tray, which can double as an appetizer! This creative gift is something they are sure to use again and again. Oil & vinegar bottle setOil and vinegar bottles are a pretty universal condiment. Choosing a stylish but neutral set can give your guests a nice and functional counter decoration. Oil & vinegar dipping bowl – Great for those who love to entertain, an oil & vinegar dipping set is a tasty gift for any guest. Vineyard balsamic/oil dipping or orchard tasting inspired EVOO dishes, anyone? Personalized mini jam jars – Choose a gift with a shelf life to ensure a useless gift isn’t sitting around for years. Mini jars of jam are a great gift that can be used quickly rather than taking up precious cupboard space. A tea caddy – A cute jar for teabags will look good in everyone’s kitchen. Tea bags are such a common kitchen staple, your guests will be reminded of you every time they pull it out!

Practical tableware is a winning wedding favour

No matter what you choose as your wedding favour, you want to gift something that represents you and your new spouse and the love you have for each other. Wedding favours are always a fun perk for guests, but that’s not the reason they attend the wedding. Keep the fun times going with a gift they can use time and time again.

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