Your Wedding Budget. Where to Spend, Where to Save 

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Your Wedding Budget. Where to Spend, Where to Save 
Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to sorting out your budget! It seems like there are so many things that need your attention, and your money. We’ve put together this list of things on where you can splurge and where you can save some money. Read on to help make some of those decisions easier!

Wedding Budget: Where to Spend


Having a beautiful venue might seem like a big expense at first, but if you choose somewhere you love you’ll actually end up saving money on decorations. Factor that in when looking for a venue!


You’re going to look at these photos forever and you only have one day to get them right- no redo’s on these! Splurge on a good photographer that will work with you to get the shots you want!


Your DJ will set the tone for the entire party. This one deserves a splurge! A good DJ will get your guests excited to dance and know how to read the room in terms of what to play and when. You don’t want everyone sitting all night because they don’t like the music being played!

Late night snack

If your party is going to run late, it’s a fun extra for your guests to provide a late snack. No need to go fancy here… try a chicken wing bar or pizza station for a funky pop to your party.


Wedding cake is obviously the traditional choices, but many couples are starting to forgo this tradition in favour of cupcakes or a dessert table. Don’t feel like you have to go the old-school route- choosing cupcakes or a dessert buffet can really wow your guests!

Wedding Budget: Where to Save


While a 3-4 course plated meal is certainly elegant and impressive, it’s MUCH friendlier on your budget to have a buffet! You can also have a bit more budget freedom here when you decide exactly what foods to serve (hint… meat is more expensive than the sides!).

Wedding Cake

There’s no need to go for a multi-tiered work of art for your wedding cake, especially if you’re trying to decide where you can cut your budget a bit. If you want a cake to cut for the photos go for a simple 2-tiered cake and skip the funky flavours, fillings and fondant.


Flowers are often a big part of wedding décor, and a big part of the budget. But they don’t have to be! Try shopping at a smaller local shop or look into creating the bouquets yourself. Opt for flower-free centerpieces and decorate your alter with flowers like hydrangeas or daisies instead of some of the more expensive options.

Wedding Favours

Shop online for wedding favours! You can find great favours online, and even get them personalized for a much more budget friendly price than you would shopping around at local wedding stores.
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Your Dress

Check out local trunk shows and end of season sales to score a great deal on your dress. While you definitely want to feel gorgeous in your dress, there’s really no reason to spend a fortune doing so! Splurge instead on alterations so that your perfect dress fits exactly the way it should.

Make up and hair

Getting glammed up with the help of a professional hairstylist and make up artist might make you feel like a rock star, but if you’re looking to help your budget this is one area you can easily save on. Employ a friend whose style you like or do it yourself. YouTube is an awesome place to get some tutorials!


No doubt you want centerpieces to help turn your venue into your perfect vision, but there’s no need to break the bank on them! Check out Pinterest for some chic ideas that suit your theme and get busy on a DIY project. You could even ask your bridesmaids to give you a hand!


Shop online for wedding décor that fits your vision, but that doesn’t break the bank!
Now that you have some ideas for where to save and where to spend, you can get started planning your wedding budget to get more for your hard earned Canadian dollars!

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