Bombonieres or Bonbonniere, Wedding Favors or Wedding Favours?

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Bombonieres or Bonbonniere, Wedding Favors or Wedding Favours?

What is in a wedding favor name? What are wedding bomboniere – or is it bonbonniere…our boubounier? Based on the thousands of brides we’ve served at over the years, customers are all looking for the same thing – elegant, unique, and often practical wedding giveaways for reception party guests.

What brides and wedding planners call them really depends on their ethnicity and culture. To the Italians it’s most certainly bomboniere; to the French or Quebequois it is bonbonniere; and to Greeks it is boubouniere. There’s more, of course, and in the end they’re wedding party favors – souvenirs that your guests will appreciate as a thank-you for your attending your wedding day (and in most cases, for providing you a lovely gift!).

Even in North America and the UK we can’t agree. In the US they’re “wedding favors” while in Canada and the UK they’re “wedding favours”.  With all these terms and spelling variations, it’s enough to stress out any bride!

What are Canadian brides looking for? Brides looking for wedding favours in Canada are searching online to find our shop using all kinds of terms. Surprising to many Canadians is that fact that you – yes you Canadian brides – are using the US spelling “favors” more often than “favours”! Why? We have our theories. One possibility is that you’re not aware that the best favours anywhere can be found right here on our web store! Yes, Canadians sometimes still assume that buying their wedding favours from a US website is necessary.

What we’re finding, though, is that there are savings to be had right here in Canada! Want proof? We’re seeing a growing number of sales from US based customers shopping on our website that don’t choose to shop in US dollars – they’re buying in Canadian dollars to save! That certainly means Canadian shoppers are getting the best value by not shopping in US dollars.

In the end, shop for your favourite wedding party souvenirs right here – no matter if you call them bomboniere, bonbonniere, boubouniere or favors!

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