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Decorating Glass Bottle Set - Clear

SKU - 9582-02

This set of decorative bottles is easy to use and can be adapted to accommodate a wide range of decorating schemes. Whether used to display fresh flowers, natural branches or all on their own, the blend of shapes and sizes will add an interesting dimension to your tabletop displays.
DETAILS - Glass|Color of glass may vary from piece to piece|Set varies and may not be the same as pictured|Set contains round and square shaped vases|Bottle Sizes:Dia. 2 1/3" x H 4 3/4"Dia. 2 1/3" x H 10 1/2"Dia. 2 3/4" x H 6"Dia. 2 3/4" x H 7 1/2"Dia. 2 3/4" x H 8"Dia. 3" x H 4 1/3"|Other colors available|Tags, stickers and embellishments sold separately.|Hand Wash Only, 6 assorted sizes

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