Good Luck! 11 Wedding Traditions for Good Fortune

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Good Luck! 11 Wedding Traditions for Good Fortune

You’re getting married for all the right reasons – you absolutely adore your spouse-to-be and you can’t wait to spend eternity with them. Turning the joy of your wedding into an everlasting relationship takes hard work – and let’s face it – a little luck! If you’re at all superstitious or just want to make sure you get off to the best start possible, then…

Use these good luck wedding traditions from around the world to bring lots of health, happiness, and good fortune to you and your new spouse.

  1. Get married on a rainy day

Lucky Weddings on Rainy Days

Lucky Weddings on Rainy Days

Hindu tradition states that getting married on a rainy day will lead to a stronger marriage.  Some say this is because a rainy day is trickier to navigate, and if you can do that successfully on a day as important as your wedding day, surely the rest of the marriage will be smooth sailing.

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  1. Enjoy a braided wedding day bread

A Ukrainian tradition is to serve a special bread, the Korovai, on the wedding table.  This gorgeous braided bread can have up to five tiers, and just like a traditional wedding cake, is meant to be shared amongst all the guests.  This bread is a symbol of the community’s blessing of the couple.

  1. Cry on your big day

This is thought to be good luck because if you cry all your tears on your wedding day, in theory, there won’t be anymore during your marriage.  So if your tears smear your mascara, remember that this is a small price to pay for the chance at no more tears in the days that follow!

  1. Use some lavender

Lavender is thought to bring luck by repelling evil spirits.  So be sure to consider enjoying its sweet scent as part of your bouquet, in your floral decor, or even as scented candles adding a warm glow to your reception tables.  You can also choose lavender accents for your accessories – a dash of color on your veil or in your jewelry will be beautiful.  Here are some more great ideas for adding some lavender to your day!

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  1. Invite everyone’s favourite pachyderm

Lucky Elephant Wedding Favor IdeaElephants have long been considered to be a symbol of good luck.  You can incorporate small elephant statues as part of your reception table decor, or as a fashionable motif on your linens.  If you go with elephant figurines, be sure to have it face the entrance of the room, to help ensure that bad luck can’t get inside.  Also, many believe that the animal’s trunk should be up in the air (as opposed to hanging down) to bring good fortune.

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  1. Feature the lucky number 8

In many Asian cultures, the number eight is associated with good fortune and prosperity.  You can give subtle nods to this special number by seating eight people per reception table, and having eight small votive candles per table (instead of a pair of tall tapered ones).

  1. Firecrackers as a scare

Firecrackers not only scare the living, but the dead, too, apparently.  Chinese custom is said to call for these to be set off at the entrance to the wedding reception building as the bride arrives, but before she gets out of her vehicle.  They believe it will scare off evil spirits that may be lurking nearby.

  1. Coins in the bride’s shoes

Coins are thought of as good luck in many cultures, but the Swedish interpretation for weddings puts a unique twist on it.  As the story goes, the bride’s dad will give her a silver coin to wear in her left shoe, and the bride’s mom will give here a gold coin for wearing in her right shoe.  This brings good luck when it comes to money, so that the bride will never run out of it.

  1. Plant lilies in the newlyweds’ yard

An old tradition says that if the married couple plants lilies in their yard, their love will be reborn each year when the flowers bloom.  If the newlyweds love the look of a landscaped yard, this is one more reason to get to work on it!  Pine trees are a popular addition in Holland, as they are associated with good luck and fertility.

  1. Indulge in a Moroccan milk bath

Moroccan Themed Favor - Espresso Cup Set

Lucky Moroccan Themed Favor – Espresso Cup Set

If the bride is looking for another reason to pamper herself, this is it.  In Moroccan culture, the bride is purified before the ceremony with a luxurious milk bath.  Can you think of a more relaxing way to start off your wedding day?

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  1. Make origami cranes, preferably in gold

Cranes are commonly associated with origami and in Japanese culture these delicate creations are thought to increase one’s odds of a long, prosperous life.  Encourage your long-life genes to express themselves by adding origami cranes to your wedding decor – if you can find gold origami paper, it’ll not only add to the good luck, but look pretty too!

Now Plan your Wedding with Good Fortune in Mind! 

Whether you believe in luck or not, it’s fun to find out about all the little details that just might add a little more luck to your life.  Everyone could use a little more happiness, health, and prosperity, and who knows – the extra dash of luck you get from some of these traditions might make a difference!

Remember, everyone has their own good luck charms so explore unique favor keepsakes and favors that will add the element of luck just for you. Hopefully, your partner is that lucky charm you’ve dreamed of – forever.


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