Hottest Wedding and Favor Themes for 2017

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  • Hottest Wedding Themes and Favors for 2017

Hottest Wedding and Favor Themes for 2017

If you’re planning a wedding in 2017, the last thing you want is to end up with a theme that’s “SO yesterday”.  Ensure your big day is unforgettable and hits the right mark by coming up with a theme that’s fun and fashionable right now! From trending decor and wedding favors to the details on venue and menu, we have ideas just for you.

Planning a 2017 Wedding? Here’s What’s Hot!

2017 Nature Lover Nuptuals

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Nature’s Best Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you adore getting away from it all in nature, it’s time to adopt a green theme for your wedding.  And not green as in environmentally friendly (although that’s fine too!), but as in luscious nods to nature throughout your decor and accessories.

As an accompaniment to or replacement for flowers, use leafy vines winding across the banquet tables and gracefully trailing over rows of seating during the ceremony.  Use real greenery to make a statement on the wedding cake platter.

For your own bouquet, don’t think for one second that flowers are your only choice.  With a careful selection of complementary greenery, it’s possible to create a stunning arrangement without a single flower in sight.

Give more nods to nature in your choice of details for everything from accessories to favors.  Luscious olive leaf soaps in the restrooms during the reception are an unexpected continuance of your theme where it might not be expected.  Consider gifting your guests with a small, burlap-wrapped plant that they can transfer to a pot after your wedding – it’ll grow with time just as your love is sure to do.  An alternative (that’ll be easier to transport to and from the reception) is seed-infused papers that can be planted – the most common seeds you’ll find for this are wildflower assortments, and for good reason – their fresh, spring look is the perfect complement to any wedding.

Beach and Destination Wedding Lovers

Beach Themed Favors and Decor

Beach Themed Favors and Decor

If you adore the sand and surf, be sure to consider a blue beach themed wedding.  Shades of blue are hot this year, and lighter shades reminiscent of the ocean work exceptionally well with a beach-themed wedding.  Seashells dotting the reception tables evoke thoughts of relaxation and fun.  Flip flops in an airy light blue are a comfortable choice of footwear for a bride wearing a long dress – and you can take it one step further by giving your guests a pair of flip flops as a beach wedding favor idea.

A bouquet of bright, blue flowers will make a splash against the backdrop of your white dress. And you can add touches of blue to your accessories, including your earrings, tiara, and the lace trim of your veil.

2017 Weddings for Foodies

The dining at a wedding for foodies has to be amazing.  But don’t make the mistake of putting all of your focus on the main meal and neglecting the appetizers.

Some EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar always will make your appetizer table really stand out!

Olive Oil and Dipping Dish Favors

Olive Oil and Dipping Dish Favors

One of the biggest trends for 2017, adding an olive oil tasting bar to your lineup.  Whether you want to include this as a pre-dinner or late-night snack, or even a private treat to help your bridal party recharge after a busy afternoon wedding photo session, it’s a unique addition to your food lineup (and good for you too!).

Here’s how it works.  You put together a collection of artisan breads that are perfect for dipping – be sure to include a classic pan bread in the mix – then put out a selection of extra virgin olive oils as dip.  Many people love the combination of a quality balsamic vinegar swirled into the oil for an added flavor punch.  For serving these delectable snacks, use a rustic bread board with elegant dipping dishes.

You can continue the theme with favors making a nod to olive oil.   European and bomboniere style is in, and is not only practical, but ideal for serving and sharing with friends.  Consider giving oil and vinegar dipping plates for guests to replicate the appetizers you’ve served them once they’re back at home.  Oil and vinegar bottle sets are practical gifts that are beautiful too.  And if you’re looking for a very budget-friendly favor, consider giving out fun, miniature olive candles.

2017 Weddings Will Lead, Not Follow!

Banish the old-school receiving line.  The receiving line has traditionally been a time where the bride and groom can greet all the guests who attend their wedding one-on-one.

Now before you bring up the idea of skipping the receiving line to your traditional family (grandma might not be pleased!), you’ll need to arm yourself with all the good reasons why you’re doing this.  First, the downside of purposely encouraging this lineup is your guests will get tired of standing in line (as will you!), and the necessity of keeping any conversations you have brief (to avoid holding up the line) mean that you have to rush through greeting everyone.   Far better is to build in time during the reception for you and your new spouse to greet guests at their tables.  This will allow for more relaxed conversations, avoid sore feet, and make the entire experience of socializing with your guests fun (as it should be!).  Here are more alternatives to modernize the receiving line.

Personalized Wine or Shot Glass Wedding Favor Ideas

Personalized Wine Glass Favor Ideas

Keep costs predictable by ditching the open bar.  Traditionally, guests at a wedding get to drink all they want and the bride and groom pick up the tab.  Predictably, most guests are reasonable in the amounts of booze that they consume, while a few outliers go overboard.  Rather than pick up the tab for those who like to drink like fishes, let them pay for their own drinks – you’ll put the money you saved into paying for things that benefit all guests equally, such as a better menu or upgraded decor.  A compromise that falls in between cash and open bars is to provide each guest with a couple of drink tickets that can be traded in for the cocktail of their choice.  Those first two drinks are free, and any beyond that will have to be paid for by the guest. Everyone likes a drink, so thank guests with personalized shot glasses or wine glasses so they can do all the drinking they want – at home, too!

More Wedding Favor Trends

Minimalism and the practicality that goes with it are in.  If you want to incorporate those ideas in your choice of favors, look for things that “are more than just a pretty face”.  While most people appreciate the beauty of a delicate and carefully chosen trinket, those who are careful to only keep things that have an obvious purpose beyond good looks will appreciate practical favor ideas.  Wine glasses, rocks glasses, and engraved champagne flutes are all great ideas that are sure to get lots of use.  Edible treats are always popular too – take it a step further by gifting them in re-usable mason jars.  Think candies, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate – all are delicious and look pretty in even the most simple of packaging.

There is a wedding and favor theme to suit everyone in 2017

There are tons of options to choose from when deciding on the theme for your wedding, and there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your personality and style.  See how you can incorporate greenery, luscious blues or gourmet treats like an olive oil bar into your wedding theme this year!  And don’t forget to consider how you can make sure your favors might be practical too.

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