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Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16)

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These Floral 7 in. Paper Plates are conveniently sold in a set of 16 and are perfect for all special occasions. These disposable decorative plates look great at your wedding or baby shower for everything from appetizers to desserts for your guests to enjoy. These Floral 7 in. Paper Plates (Set of 16) have gold foil accents with a flowery print in the middle for a pretty motif no matter how you choose to decorate your party. These disposable plates go great with matching glassware and floral napkins for easy and quick set up at your dinner tables. You can also leave the plates in a stack by a buffet or pot luck station for your guests to serve themselves. These charming plates from Kate Aspen are truly whimsical and exceptional for a garden party or a baby shower with a floral theme. The appeal is made timeless with pretty details and the ability to throw the plates away at the end of the day. Paper plates won't break and are suitable for both children and adults to use when they need a treat or an easy way to savor their dinner without a multitude of messes. The cheery design is classic for all occasions that your guests will appreciate.Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 16 paper plates.Measures 7" in diameter.Pink, Gold, Green, and White.Center of the paper plate is white and outlined in thin gold foil circles. The rim of the plate is a watercolor floral pattern that is trimmed in gold foil.Measures: 6.8" w x 6.8" d x 0.5" hPackaged: 6.81" w x 6.81" d x 0.79" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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