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Floral Mason Jar Baby Shower 5-Pack Game Card Set (30 sheets each)

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This Floral Mason Jar Baby Shower 5-Pack Game Card Set with 30 sheets each from Kate Aspen is a special baby shower game and also makes a great activity for a bridal shower. Advice for mommy cards and baby predictions can be filled out by guests and collected to read and remember the fond memories of the day. White mason jar shaped cards are designed with gold foil and a floral print. The games include Wishes for the Baby, Who Knows Mommy, Word Scramble, and Bingo. You can pass along different games to your table or set a schedule to play all together with your entire party. These games can be suitable for all ages and bring tons of fun to your celebration. The sentimental cards can be gathered at the end of the day and collected to read during or after the party and see what your guests have to say. Save these memory cards for a boost of confidence when you need a pick me up and words of advice for years after the celebration ends. This charming set from Kate Aspen is a necessity for a fun occasion and makes a thoughtful gift for a new family or a couple setting off in life.Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 5 games.Each game contains 30 game cards each.80 cards total included.White cardstock mason jar shaped card with floral print and faux gold foil. Dark gray printed text outlines game section for guests to fill out. Games included: Word Scramble, Bingo, Who Knows Mommy, What Begins With, and Wishes for Baby. Comes in pack of 5 games with 30 cards each.Measures: 4.3" w x 6.9" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 4.33" w x 6.89" d x 2.56" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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