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Floral Napkins (Set of 30)

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When you're coordinating your table covers to match your backdrop, you must coordinate your decorative paper napkins with your tableware too! It's the tiny details that matter when making it a memorable evening. And more importantly, for memorable photos to remember that special day! Whether it's a bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner, white napkins from the grocery store just don't cut it. If you've already purchased beautiful table covers and plating sets, you need to accessorize accordingly. Our Floral Napkins (set of 30) can be placed on guests' tables or even on the cake table. You can basically utilize them in any capacity of your choosing. Sometimes people just put them by the dessert station so people can pick up small cupcakes or cake pops with them. At this wedding, real blooms won't be the only florals you'll display. A few packs of these floral paper napkins and your table is set!Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 30 paper napkins.Pink, Gold, Green, and White.Napkin has an all over scatter floral watercolor pattern and is trimmed in gold foil.Measures: 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 6.52" w x 6.52" d x 0.79" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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