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Floral Wedding Advice Card - Teapot Shape (Set of 50)

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Our Teapot Shape Floral Wedding Advice Card - (Set of 50) is the perfect addition to your bridal shower. With our high quality card stock and gold foil accents these teapot advice cards will look beautiful on the table with their watercolor print with pink, peach, and green flowers. These elegant advice cards with their beautiful watercolor floral design will bring class to your event, while celebrating the new marriage. Who better to give advice to the bride and groom, but their close family and friends. Save these cards to reminisce of your special days for years to come!Features and Facts:Sold in sets of 50 paper cards.White, Pink, Gold, and Green.Stack of thin cardstock that is cut into a teapot shape. A watercolor floral print of pink, peach, and green flowers surrounds dark gray text in the center. Gold foil adorns the top and bottom of the card as well as a thin accent on the handle and spout. The message "advice to the Bride" is also print in gold foil at the top.Measures: 6.6" w x 5.1" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 6.69" w x 5.16" d x 0.79" hShrink wrap with sticker packaging.

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