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Giant Inflatable Pool Float Toy - Gold Glitter Tube

SKU - 4858

Blow up the fun at your pool or beach party with this giant inflatable glitter tube. Floaties aren’t simply toys designed for kids, and this awesome huge gold glitter filled tube is a perfect water accessory to fit any guest whether they’re adults or children. Everyone can be in on the floating! Better yet, with its unique ring shape and cheap price, it’s perfect gift for the bride to use at all kinds of outdoor wedding celebrations. Lounge on the water with this floatie at an engagement party, bachelorette, or bridal shower, or go floating at a destination wedding or honeymoon. Either way, you can be floating in style, keeping cool and cute. Nobody likes swimming and floating alone at a party, get a few extras so the rest of the wedding party or guests can get their float on too!
DETAILS - PVC|Inflate manually or with an electric pump, Inflated: 36 1/2" (D)

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