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Gold Glitter Unicorn Happy Birthday D...cor Kit

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A Gold Glitter Unicorn Happy Birthday D...cor Kit from Kate Aspen will make your little one feel magical and beautiful no matter the age they're celebrating! This multiple item set makes a whimsical addition to a baby girl birthday and first birthday table decorations that all will admire and cherish when they see your decoration set up. The banner reads out "Happy Birthday" in special colors including pink, teal, and gold to hang over the door or above a designated table for presents or food. The unicorn party hat glistens in a whimsical appeal that your little one can wear to feel special for the day around their friends and family. Six cake topper age cards range from the numbers one through six for their first months and the years as they grow. These cards can be interchangeable for a magical princess of any age! A cake topper stick is a perfect centerpiece for their birthday cake that is marvelous for photographic qualities and a great photo op for your friends and family to snap a picture. The Gold Glitter Unicorn Happy Birthday D...cor Kit by Kate Aspen is every little girl's dream with shimmering accents and the opportunity to create magical moments you can document and cherish forever and may spark new ideas for their next birthday.Features and Facts:Sold in sets. Set includes 1 party hat, 1 banner, 6 cake topper age cards, and 1 cake topper stick.Banner: Rainbow colored pennant shaped cardstock with gold glitter letters on top that spell out "Happy Birthday". Three unicorn face icons that are placed on either side of Happy Birthday and one in the middle for the spacer. Banner is pre-strung with white cotton string.Headband: Plastic headband wrapped in pink cloth with 3-D gold lame horn on top that has to fans flowers and pink tulle on the front. There are paper unicorn ears on either side of horn in gold glitter cardstock with pink colored inner ears. Cake Topper Age Cards: Cardstock age cards are in the shape of unicorn face with gold glitter number on front from 1 to 6 with a total of 6 cards. Back of each card has a piece of velcro to stick to the cake topper stick. Cake Topper Stick: Acrylic cake topper stick with a piece of velcro on one side.Banner: 3.9" w x 71.7" d x 0.01" hHeadband: 6.7" w x 9.8" d x 0.8" hCake Topper: 1.6" w x 5.3" d x 0.1" hCardstock Numbers: 3.9" w x 6.1" d x 0.01" hPackaged: 6.89" w x 2.36" d x 11.42" h

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