Gourmet Ribbed Dipping Bowls - Set of 4

SKU - A02207

 Dipping Bowls - Set of 4, White Ribbed for Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar or Dips  

Serve up something special with these sleek, ribbed dipping bowls! Perfect for daily use in the kitchen or for special occasions. These porcelain mini-bowls are practical and elegant at once. We love them for dipping bread in your favourite varieties of extra virgin olive oils, vinegars (from Modena, Italy, please!) or your favourite sauces. Make any meal or dessert more impressive! We agree, any and all foodies will appreciate these as a gift.

A gorgeous keepsake gift for your wedding or any special event (including family gatherings in your own kitchen!). 


  • Made of high quality porcelain; dishwasher safe
  • Simply wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly
  • Pieces are boxed in sets of 4 and stacked on top of each other, divided and cushioned with pearl foam for protection 
  • Diametre 3.75”x 2” h. with whimsical irregular shape
  • Ribbed bottom inside and 6 oz capacity 
  • An Artisano Designs creation

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